Update to US Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees - Effective April 1, 2020


We are pleased to announce that we are lowering Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fees.

On April 1, 2020, we will reduce rates for expedited 2-day shipping (up to 30%, depending on size tier), reduce rates for standard shipping, and introduce new size tiers for standard and expedited shipping.

Priority next-day shipping rates will remain the same, and MCF will continue to offer discounted rates for multi-unit orders.

For complete details, visit 2020 US Multi-channel Fulfillment fee changes.


A welcomed change!

I like the emails graph comparision.



Didn’t they increase fees recently? Or was that for something else?


Curious on wether Amazon will begin allowing Amazon as a shipping option to fbm sellers anytime soon for Amazon sales. Seems like a natural extension of SFP or even just regular FBM, but haven’t heard anything more than rumors on it


If Amazon makes MCF Fees reasonable then sellers like me who sell a lot on own website will start using a MCF a lot for own websites.


Why is Amazon being so “nice” to us with this?

It always feels like a boon with a catch any time Amazon has good news for sellers, unless they are facing legal liabilities from state institutions.


Just a warning. Amazon MCF has not INR policy. Weird I know. But they do not stand behind it like you would expect.


@The_UniDragon They do this today. By invitation only and and only in select cities. You need volume to get the invite.


They can’t make up their minds.

  • Please send in all your items for FBA
  • We have to much in our warehouses, so we are raising rates
  • Now there isn’t enough in our warehouses. Please send in more.


Maybe bring back the neutral packaging so we can actually use it on other channels…


Well that’s unfortunate, but our city is a mid-sized market (Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach)), so while it usually isn’t the first to get things, it’s usually in the second or third rounds of expansions with Amazon (although we were a pilot city for what is now known as Amazon Fresh).

As for volume, I’m a small seller, but my growth is pretty high, so I’ll just keep working towards larger numbers and hopefully some day my threshold and theirs will match. Thanks for the info.


I’m so happy that I can hardly contain myself! :joy::nauseated_face::joy:


Thanks @onieda_Books I saw this too… has anybody done the math on this yet? Is there other fees involved I am missing? If these numbers are true, then I should just put everything into FBA and use their shipping. I keep trying to run the comparable price on their example baby gate and I cant get withing 30 bucks on my own UPS account. What the heck are my missing…

P.S. No Coffee yet this morning.


It would also be good if FBA ‘dispatch’ MCF orders on time. I believe it is double standards if sellers are expected to ship within the committed time frame and be accountable to their commitment, yet FBA doesn’t commit to ‘shipping’ MCF orders on time. To be fair, at times FBA does deliver MCF standard shipping orders the very next day.

In fact there is no definitive commitment on ‘Delivery date’ for any type of shipping method. This price change will not have major impact on 3PL companies, unless FBA can also provide ‘dispatch commitment’ and be responsible for delivery failures.


Their range compared to UPS and USPS is tiny and inconsistent. Sometimes they can’t make it to addresses in the same state in 2 days. Then sometimes they can make it halfway across the US.


They aren’t being nice. They are adjusting for competition. Wally World just launched their own fulfillment service for 3rd party sellers and there are other companies out there like Deliverr that offer competitive fulfillment services.

This is Amazon trying to ensure that they remain the fattest leech of our profits.


I use FBA for AZ orders, but not for MC orders.

How do you send in inventory, say from the 'Bay to a FC, without listing it on AZ?

Is it now worth it?


I wonder if this is in response to their number 1 threat announcing a very similar Multi Channel Fulfillment in the near future. Plus a partnership with another logistics service that offered SFP and competitors deep discount 2 Day shipping actually cutting in to their revenue stream from warehousing. Their service actually covers INR and ships in same day without paying extra.


I would suggest trying MCF before jumping in. It sounds great, but the reality is their shipping speed is much, much slower than what they do for FBA. I’ve had non-amazon orders being “shipped” for 4 days. What they promise is the shipment will arrive at the customers location before XX/XX date but in the mean time, your customers will wonder why you haven’t sent them a tracking number for 4 days. It’s an issue for customers that are used to getting shipping confirmations next day or two.

I’m not knocking MCF, you just need to realize the service probably isn’t what you are expecting.


I guess Amazon warehouse is severely under capacity due to global supply shortage resulting from Corona Virus. In any case, I will use more MCF for my eBay orders