Update to the new buyer requested cancellation experience


The rollout of the upgraded buyer cancellation experience has started. Over the next few days you will need to monitor and process cancellations requested from Both the Buyer Seller Messages and the Manage Your Orders (MYO) page.

As of May 19, we started to rollout the new experience for Buyer Requested Cancellations. While this rollout occurs, you will receive buyer cancellations through the old experience on Buyer-Seller messages or through the new experience on the MYO page. You could receive buyer initiated cancellations in the following methods:

  • Email: You will receive all buyer cancellation requests through email under the subject line of “Order cancellation request from Amazon customer”.
  • Seller Central: You will receive some order cancellation requests through the Buyer-Seller messages, or some through the MYO page.
Note: If you cancel any requests received through either of the channels, your Cancellation Rate metric will not be impacted. We recommend that you monitor and process cancellations received on both channels.

Once the rollout is finalized, this upgraded experience moves the buyer cancellation requests out of the Buyer Seller Messages to the MYO page, allowing you to view and more efficiently process cancellations. Additionally, as part of this new experience, selling partners will continue to receive email notifications of cancellation requests.

When the rollout is finalized, buyer cancellation requests will only be received through the MYO page and email, meaning you will no longer receive them through Buyer Seller messages.

However, during the rollout phase, which we expect will be finalized by May 29, customers can submit cancellation requests through either the Buyer Seller Messages or through the new cancellation experience through the MYO page.

Important: Cancellation requests may appear in one of the two locations, so you should temporarily monitor both during the rollout.

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^^^ The most important part.

Amazon not sending Notice of Cancelled orders Now?

Few days ago, I had one cancelation request only on the report.


This announcement references the “Manage Your Orders” page (MYO page). On my Seller Central, I see a “Manage Orders” page. I assume this is the same as the MYO page?


Thats what I was thinking. Imagine Amazon not even knowing the proper name.


Why Amazon showing double standard there, if we place order on Amazon, they cancel it anytime and their account health matrics not disturb

While if FBM seller cancel any order, it affect account health

Amazon should give equal rights to the FBA and FBM both sellers,


I don’t believe that Amazon’s account health metrics matter as they won’t be suspending themselves anytime soon. Give me a break.


Where is the entrance to the MYO page?


Orders-Manage Orders



What could go wrong?

PS I’ve NEVER heard of Manage Orders called “Manage YOUR Orders.” Who else’s orders am I going to manage?


This is brilliant!!! How many of us use 3p apps to download orders so we don’t have to check the orders page?

now we have to check it every few hours to make sure there is no cancelation request.

What could go wrong? more like What could go right?


Will we still be able to see that a cancellation request was submitted, and when, once we’ve shipped the order?


At this time, if the buyer initiates the order cancelation and you choose to go ahead and ship the order, it will not negatively impact your cancelation rate metric.

This still worries me…


Excellent feature!

I had my first cancellation with the new update the AM.

Love that there is now no need to for check cancellation message…especially in the middle of shipping operations.

Thanks for the improvement!


You may be one of the only people who finds this to be an improvement. For everyone else, especially those of us who do not use the Manage Orders page, it is a massive step backwards.


As a seller of customizable items, my unshipped orders list is around 200-700 orders at any given time.

This new change is terrible.
To confidentially catch all order cancellation requests we must constantly flip through several order pages to find the cancelled order requests. The only other notification I’m seeing is an email sent to the primary user.

Even grouping the cancellations to the top of the ‘my orders’ screen or a button to view order cancellation requests would be a big improvement over what is currently rolled out.


Yuuup!!! I’m sitting here google searching “MYO page on Amazon” to find this amazing page I’ve never heard of. Nice job on the acronym…might want to tell us what it means at least once (MYO =Manage Orders page)


It is totally incomprehensible that they would remove the simple email we receive when it is automated anyway everyone is used to it and ppl use 3rd party apps and dont checdk the manage orders page.

and after hearing the backlash in the forums to not change anything shows that they indeed do not listen dont care. its laughable their actions.


I have a cancellation request now. I happened to see the email, which is luckily based on our email volume. There is NO indication in the mobile app, not even on the My Orders section or the order itself. Before, I would at least see I had a buyer-seller message that needed to be addressed, plus the App would alert me.

They have severely put the customer experience at risk with this change. We import our orders into a 3rd party shipping system and cannot rely on seeing the email or the banner in the Manage page. Before we had the alert come through the app (including a positive NOTIFICATION that would pop up) and also in two places on our dashboard (for once we would welcome another widget to clog up our dashboard. This change SIGNIFICANTLY increases the chances that a cancellation request will not be seen before shipping, and (as has been a complaint for years) there is no way to cancel an order that has already been marked as shipped. In fact we may not even realize that the cancellation had been requested, since that banner will only show while the order is still in the Manage Orders page. Our email volume is significant enough that it cannot be relied on for an alert. As usual they did not solicit feedback from sellers and have not listened to our concerns. The result will be unintentional poor customer service and a bad buying experience.

We purchased an extra monitor so that we can ise it specifically to display the My Orders page and we will do our best to continually refresh the page, but this chance has me feeling pretty queasy.


The decision makers clearly do not know how Amazon is used by sellers.

Anyway…does anyone have a screen shot of what this message looks like in Manage Orders?
I’m dealing with 1000+ orders I don;t have time to scroll thru page after page multiple times daily to find these.

HEY AMAZON why not add “Cancelled Orders” to the side filter. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Or did none of your braniac programmers think of that?

Or add a “Cancellation” Section to Notification Preferences so we can SET the Email Address we want to receive these cancellation emails…

Simple things you COULD have done.