Update to Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees: Effective June 1, 2021


In December 2020, we postponed our annual fee adjustments and absorbed costs to support you through a challenging winter. Now, as we see a path to normalcy, our next US Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fee adjustment will take place on June 1, 2021.

Our 2021 US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fee changes page outlines the changes, which include the following:

  • We will implement moderate increases in fulfillment fees (about 3% on average) to reflect changing fulfillment, transportation, and storage costs. This increase is in line with the industry average increases for fulfillment services.
  • We are adding the option to block orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics, for a 5% surcharge. Because sales channels like eBay and Walmart prohibit the use of Amazon Logistics, you will be able to block this shipping method at the account level within your FBA settings or for individual orders.
  • We are aligning most MCF product size tiers to the Fulfillment by Amazon tiers and adding a new Small standard size: 2 oz or less tier. We will remove expedited and priority shipping speeds on large oversize and special oversize products.

We’re also excited to share that we’ve recently launched many of your top-requested MCF features:

  • We've improved on-time shipping for customer orders. Standard-speed orders for in-stock inventory are now shipped out within two business days of order creation, and expedited and priority-speed orders are shipped out within one business day. For more information, go to our MCF Help page.
  • We've added the ability to track through AfterShip to ensure Amazon Logistics shipments are trackable on popular channels such as Etsy and Wish. You can also search any MCF tracking number on Swiship.com. Tracking numbers can be accessed on your Seller Central order details pages and via our tracking API. You can have the number sent to the customer automatically if you provide their email address when you submit the customer order.
  • We use your MCF volume when we calculate your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score, which may help you qualify for unlimited storage. To view your IPI score, go to your Inventory Performance dashboard.
  • You can now sign up to be put on the waitlist for the beta test of the unbranded packaging and international shipping features.

We welcome your feedback on these changes at us-mcf-fee-announce-feedback@amazon.com.

MCF Carriers

We do not see this option yet in the settings page. Do you have a timeline on when that will appear? Thanks.


I was searching for that option too but didn’t see it. Probably will show after June 1st.


Because I sell skinny products this new tier has meant all my MCF prices have doubled!!

Small products will no longer be viable via MCF.


Is there a strong case against Walmart if they continue to not allow Amazon 3PL services after the change?


Come on man…read the 2nd sentence to the announcement…


And so it continues! Becoming more and more unprofitable to sell on Amazon. Of course, I can raise prices all the while the Chinese keeping prices so low it becomes impossible to compete.


Actually we see the option, but currently you can’t change it. Should go into effect June 1st per the announcement. Very happy with this - will gladly pay the 5% surcharge. Lost quite a bit of revenue last year on customers saying they didn’t receive MCF orders that were shipping using Amazon Logistics. Now if we can just get them to add an option of Signature Confirmation on certain dollar amounts …


So then I can stop sellers from selling my products who are drop shipping from other venues like WalMart. Is that what this means?


Wouldn’t this help sellers drop ship your products? If Walmart and eBay don’t accept Amazon tracking then that would be an impediment to the drop shipper because they wouldn’t be given a usable tracking number - but if you can black Amazon logistics shipping then wouldn’t that help drop shippers on other platforms?


This only applies to sellers who use multi channel fulfillment on Ebay and Walmart. This does not apply to a dropshipper ordering your product off of Amazon and sending to an Ebay or Walmart customer.


That’s not something to brag about.

Should have be 100% on time in the first place. :dog:


Hello @Amazon_Commerce, @Usacases, @TurtleCove, @pascal,

Thank you for your posts to this topic. I want to confirm that the Amazon Logistics opt-out feature launch goes into effect on June 1 along with the fee changes.


I am glad I am not the only one not seeing this, I reached out to customer service and they were clueless about it. I am assuming this takes place June 1? I hope we can get some clarification on this.


This is great news and I am hopeful it is June 1 as the announcement says I have lost a ton of money not being able to use MCF for WM orders.


When will we be able to make these changes???


See the post from @SEAmod above where she confirms that it will be June1


Can I use this method to order my own product for testing, personal use, and imaging?. ie Sending to my own regsitered account without issues with amazon rules or TOS.


I believe that is what a inventory removal order is for. Much cheaper then doing mcf to yourself.


Thanks for your response. Inventory removal is another case as you know. It takes months. However, I dont reside in the states, so its much faster for us.