Update to automated inventory removals starts October 14


To create more room for your products as we approach the holiday season, we’re making a change to the automated removal of unfulfillable inventory.

Starting October 14, 2022, we’ll automatically remove unfulfillable inventory that’s been in fulfillment centers for more than 14 days. Previously, the removals applied to unfulfillable inventory that was in fulfillment centers for more than 30 days.

This update will help you save on storage fees, manage your inventory more effectively, and improve your Inventory Performance Index score by removing unfulfillable items sooner. You can also have unfulfillable inventory refurbished, liquidated, or returned to you automatically by updating your settings.

To manage your unfulfillable inventory settings, go to Automated unfulfillable settings.

If you previously configured your settings to remove unfulfillable inventory on a monthly basis, the frequency will be updated to twice a month starting October 14.

For more information, go to Remove inventory automatically.


Here is a better idea

Go through all of our stuff that has been sitting in warehouses for years that we have never been notified is there and get that dealt with. We routinely have stuff that has been sold out for over 12 months mysteriously show up.


What I would really like is to be able to get rid of the “Unfulfillable Inventory” that, if I try to remove, shows as “1 not available for removal” and a note of “Warehouse Damaged”, that has been showing the same thing for the last 3-4 years. Why can’t Amazon get rid of them? Either let me submit a removal order, or admit that they are lost, and reimburse me for them, even though it will be only a few pennies.


Time for a bump.


What happens to my inventory with this automatic removal? Does this mean that I will need to pay for shipping back to me for unsold inventory? I have over 1300 books.


Do you have 1300 unfulfillable books?


As an unofficial amazon archivist, do you remember any amazon change that was not criticized?


I have 1300 books unfulfilled, sitting in my inventory available for sale. I guess I need to go thru each one, determine if it’s worth it to have them return it to me, place them for sale as merchant fulfilled, or have it liquidated. From what I can figure it will cost me $0.56 per book for the return. That will cost me quite a lot.


Check the disposal option, maybe less expensive.


What a headache. I’m not sending any more FBA shipments and will just do merchant fulfilled.


When the 2016-05-01T04:00:00Z change in INR (“Item Not Received”) policy came about, placing the burden squarely upon Amazon’s sturdy, Atlas-like back, Hosanna’s and Hallelujah’s were the order of the day.

Amazon’s failure to strictly uphold that policy change, in subsequent years - even when all of the t’s ARE crossed and the i’s ARE dotted - would seem to have dimmed the initially-bright promise…


I re-read the message from Amazon and see that it is for “unfillable” inventory. I filtered my inventory and found that I actually have 2 listings that are unfillable. I thought it was inventory that will not sell in 14 days, NOT my entire inventory. I just couldn’t image how me, or other sellers, would accommodate having all their unsold inventory be liquidated. Thank you all for your help.