Update to announcement regarding changes to adult products policies


An announcement was published on September 30 that outlined updates to the adult products policies related to wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls. The article incorrectly stated that the changes to our policies are already active. It should have stated that the updated policies would go into effect on November 15, and was intended to provide a notice to selling partners listing these products. We apologize for any confusion.

Our adult products policies are meant to prevent adult products from being surfaced to customers who are not intending to find these types of products while shopping on Amazon. Given the multi-purpose usage of wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls, including for sexual use, we will require the adult product classification on such products. This policy update will help improve customer experience and ensure these products are appropriately classified as adult products.

For more information, review the updates to the Adult products policies & guidelines that will go into effect on November 15.

How NOT to sell Banana's on Amazon

Can you please elaborate as to what other purposes they have?


If amazon is talking about adult products then stop sending a rocket :rocket: to space that looks like and adult product and use that money to improve customer service




It is absurd. We have products in this category that are FDA CLEARED FOR URINARY INCONTINENCE.

The policy is typical short sighted amazon. They don’t even understand the products they sell. Our products are sold in clinics around the world and prescribed by pelvic physical therapists everywhere.

Instead of marking them as an adult classification, why dont you instead ask for FDA 510k documents proving they are cleared and allowed those to be sold?

This is a women’s health issue.


Cool rocket that can’t get to orbit > customer service
Classic Amazon :laughing:


I’m super curious too. Do you have a complete list of all the possible activities, locations, positions these can be used in?

Asking for a friend.


Weird. If I want something that could presumably give me pleasure, or make me feel better, it has to be shielded from my eyes in case I get offended. If I want anything related to hunting and killing other living beings, no problem at all.


Agreed. However, treat sellers like scum… What an absurd company


Bunch of folks who sell flashlights had listings removed because of a typo when they spelled flashlight.


This was OK in a women’s magazine in the 50s, but it can’t be on Amazon in 2021. We are going backwards. This is from Good Housekeeping.


lol. My grandpa is a retired urologist surgeon, they had a special “trophy shelf” where they stored all the unique stuff they pulled out of patients :)) once it was an alive humster in a piece of a vacuum tube


how to make an advertisement now? we should close our business in which we invested years?



I have a friend that works as the designated sh**ter, in the ER, at the Cedars…

They hire a lot of people that have a carry permit just to keep things under control… lots of interesting people come in… many with issues…

ER rooms can be world-class circuses… people show up at some of these Prime facilities, everything from the indigent, to other folks…

It’s amazing , sometimes the interesting things that appear internally , that need to be removed, for celebrities…


So let me get this straight…
Massage wands can be used as a vibrator and as such, is being reclassified as “adult”.
What about bubble wands?
Electric toothbrushes?
Phones set to vibrate?
Hell, an empty pringles can, some bubble wrap and lube can be crafted into a fleshlight.
Are you gonna classify those as “adult” too?


:rofl::joy::rofl: dying here! That is some straight up thinking outside the box that I would have never thought of! OMG- the things people will do I guess right? But it’s Daddy Amazon, showing his power hand as usual.


True, THey have Billions of dollars and they cant fix their own systems which effect sellers performance and sales and their customer services is the worst for having incompetant people that dont even know what they are doing over the phone having sellers know much more. BUT sending rockets that look like adult products and to make matters worse…for them inventing someother ways to charge sellers extra Fees to pay for the crapy pocket rocket that cant reach orbit and not not Paying taxes. no wonder the goverment wants a piece of amazon.


Does this mean cucumbers are being reclassified too?

I’m obviously being sarcastic but pointing out that almost anything can have such a “dual nature” if you really try.


well with a long wand massager you can mix a drink


Pringles can? I can only say at least you didn’t say 2 liter bottle