Start selling in Brazil with hassle-free unified accounts


posted June 11, 2021

We are holding a second webinar about selling in Brazil with Amazon. This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 17. Click here to register for the webinar.

posted June 3, 2021

Please attend our webinar on Thursday, June 3rd, to learn about selling in Brazil with Amazon. (Click here for forum)

posted May 31, 2021

If you are a US-based professional seller, you can now increase your sales by opening a store on Amazon Brazil.

Amazon Brazil is a fast-growing store that represents a significant business opportunity with 31.4 million users and +100% year-on-year growth of overall traffic on*.

You can quickly and easily expand to Amazon Brazil through a unified account, as you can in our Mexico and Canada stores. There’s no registration process required, and we won’t charge additional monthly subscription fees for unified accounts in Brazil.

*Source: Amazon internal traffic analysis

To start your journey, go to, submit your merchant token.

To learn more about expanding your business to Amazon Brazil, join our webinar on June 3rd.

If you have any questions, you can join the conversation in Seller Forums and comment in the post.


Given how much of a mess Amazon is with following their policies within the United States and just springing extremely questionable policies out of a whim… I have little to no confidence selling internationally on Amazon. I will be keeping my international sales on other platforms until Amazon fixes the issues within Amazon US (if ever that is).


will they take stock from FBA warehouse in the US?


sounds great, BUT be ready! Brazil is a hole new level of tax (60% on EVERYTHING above $50 that get inside the country, PLUS state tax of 18%),burocracy, logistics nighmare, and don´t forget about the exchange rate USD to BRL $1 = R$ 5.21).


“Hassle-free” on Amazon is code wording for extra hassle for sellers and free items for buyers.


It doesn’t work already. Off to a great start once again Amazon.


People that think Mexico shipping is bad just wait till you try brazil.


US Seller Support told me that we can’t use US FBA stock for Canada FBA orders cause of Covid.
Considering that I am not sure if US FBA stock will be available for Brazil sales, but I am interested in Amazon’s reply on this.


We sell on Amazon US plus 3 overseas Amazon sites. Here’s what would really incentivize us to look seriously at selling on Amazon Brazil: a lot more information that’s clear, concise and all in one place. (Things like “check with your tax advisor” don’t move the needle. Almost no one is going to hire an expensive foreign lawyer to get this basic but essential information; they’ll just pass on the offer).

These are the issues that are essential for a seller like us to understand before we proceed with Brazil or any other country:

  1. Paperwork. What specific paperwork do I need to be approved for an Amazon account in Brazil? Give me the full list.
  2. Local representation. Legally, do I need a local Importer of Record to clear my products upon import? Do I need to have a local representative in Brazil for any other legal purposes?
  3. Taxes. Do I need to pay tax to the Brazilian government? What types of taxes apply (VAT, customs duties, possibly even income taxes?) Are there local provincial or state taxes that need to be paid? Do Brazilian taxes apply on all sales, or just after we pass a certain threshold? How often and where do we file tax returns and make payments?
  4. What other Brazil country-specific issues should we, as an Amazon US seller, be aware of? For example product labeling or testing requirements.

Providing the answers to all these questions in one place, in a clear way, makes it far more likely that an experienced seller will be interested in Brazil or any other overseas market.


DO NOT sell to Brazil, not only Customs will seize EVERYTHING, packages are only delivered on time to Sao Paulo and a few Capitals , if you do decide to sell, you will regret.


@wolfy that was EXACTLY my thought when reading this notification. I find it interesting (nee: sickening) that this notification fails to mention crucial details about selling on other Amazon platforms. This includes but is not limited to the fact that you have to pay duty fees, not the buyer, have to have a return shipping address IN their country (or provide a label BACK to the US) and have to be able to communicate with buyers in THEIR language. Thanks, but no thanks. Current items on the agenda with still no fix:

New day, new suppressed listings with no fix
Giving our items away for free through RFS
Constant unending problems with FBA
Stealing Amazonian’s products when buyer damaged OR when they miscount items sent to them.
Seller support being totally incompetent on nearly every level.

Not to mention the price fixing case going through Congress right now?

Thanks, but Ill stick to the US at this time.


DHL suspended shipping from the USA to Brazil for over a month now.


What platforms do you use in the UK and Australia?


and Italy…


That’s the big problem. You have to get goods to Brazil, which pretty much requires international air shipment (not cheap), and there are no Amazon partner rates. This is what has kept us from selling on other marketplaces, as it is too costly to ship most of our items.
The positive side is that buyers in other countries don’t pull the $#@% that US buyers do. Returns are somewhat uncommon, and free rentals (not to mention outright fraud) is rare. So those costs are much improved. You just have to balance things out. If you have smaller\lighter items that are a bit pricey, this might work well for you


Not the case, since this is FBA. The items would be returned to the local Amazon FC.


LOL!!! Just ANOTHER way for Amazon to ban or suspend your account for no reason…


More information needed from Amazon here. Will Brazil work with NARF (North America Remote Fulfillment) Program?


Every time I bite and sell a book in Brazil the same thing happens. After approx 30days I get an email stating that the package didn’t arrive (even though tracking shows it delivered) and a request for a full refund. I had refused to sell in Brazil for over 6 months, but had a weak moment approx 45 days ago and…you guessed it…“refund please”. No more, no more!


Dear Amazon,

Stop trying to force Brazil on us. You’re coming off as more than a little desperate.

People who didn’t want Brazil accounts in the first place.