Solve product matching issues with Products Reconciliation


List your products in the Amazon store using Products Reconciliation, a new tool that helps you compare your product listing with existing products in the Amazon catalog for the same product identifier and solve matching issues in attributes with just one click.

For the list of products affected by conflicting information, go to Seller Central > Catalog > Complete your Drafts. On the Fix your Products page, select Incomplete listings, and click Matching Reconciliation conflicts.

For more information, go to Error 8541.


So when I initially read this, I was excited, because I’ve been plagued with matching issues.

I went where I was told to go, and was looking at all the listings with Matching Reconciliation conflicts. I learned that there isn’t a one-click fix nor is there a comparison. All of my matching issues caused Amazon to reject the images, and so I can’t see the error 8541s, even though Amazon says that it is likely the images didn’t load because of other issues with the SKUs.

So exciting but useless news in practice. Grr.


I would be great if there was a listing tool like this that didn’t require an upload going to drafts first. I would list a lot more products if I could upload an entire csv catalog and scroll down the list clicking the matches. It is scary matching UPC or MFG number and ending up listing on wrong products FIRST, then needing to fix later. Either that or a flag in a listing loader to choose to have EVERY line go into drafts so you can refine from there.


Your entire catalogue, of items in stock, or copy some company entire catalogue of items that you never purchased/sold and don’t have in stock ?


worse: don’t know if it is in stock…


I’m actually more offended at your question than I probably should be. We don’t dropship or do arbitrage. Yes, we physically house our OWN inventory, and actually we also manufacture some of our own products but we don’t sell those on Amazon.

We are in an industry that isn’t well known for adapting to technology, with manufacturers that don’t supply rich product data. So we have 12k+ SKUs on hand, but only around 2k with worthwhile data and images. If listings already exist it would be nice to have a way to check against Amazon’s catalog without uploading what we’ve got and hoping for the best. One major issue we come across is sellers using the wrong UPC to list. They will use the case UPC for individual bottles for instance. So the moment we list on it we get a price error. That’s just one example.


One of the major issue that has gotten lost at Amazon is that the system ASSUMES the information it has is correct and sets it in stone. Therefore, even if you enter all the PROPER information you will receive an error unless you change your VALUES to match what Amazon has in it’s system even if it is not longer correct or has changed.

Amazon has also removed any possible way of correcting these data errors by taking away Seller Supports ability to do anything and solve cases.

An Image of the item, front & back, with the UPC and a manufacturer link used to be enough to get titles, bullet points and even images corrected…no longer.

In Health & beauty: product packaging can change every few years and not having the ability to update images causes many customer complaints of “that’s not what I ordered”. When it actually is but Amazon is showing a 5 year old image can’t be updated.

Helping to match items is great but having the ability to update & maintain listings should be right up there with the most important issues that effect sellers.

Incomprehensible error when adding a child list to a parent listing

Here’s something even worse about this… we are the brand owners and manufacturers of our products, and Amazon will NOT allow us to change very important attributes of our products. Most importantly the titles. Seller Support does not have the ability, so they send the case to Brand Registry, where it’s their policy to not do anything to help with matching errors if they are dealing with brand owners/manufacturers. The “solution” they provide is delete the listing and reupload it 24 hours later, and if we tell them that the matching error still occurs then they say just try it again. That is the extent of support they will provide.

Amazon’s system believes they have the correct information when it has been made abundantly clear that it is incorrect, but no one at Amazon is willing to make the changes. This tool is absolutely useless if Amazon doesn’t allow information to be corrected.