Simplify product compliance with the new Manage Your Compliance Dashboard


The new Manage Your Compliance Dashboard will simplify the way you manage compliance documents, attributes, and appeals for your products. We recently launched the experience to a limited number of sellers and will make it available to sellers in ten stores in Q1 2022.

This week we launched the Manage Your Compliance Dashboard to a limited number of sellers, and will make it available to sellers in ten stores including the United States in Q1 2022.

This new experience will simplify the way you manage compliance documents, attributes, and appeals for your products.

The Manage Your Compliance Dashboard allows you to:

  • View and action product compliance requirements in one place.
  • Filter and sort cases by due date to identify the most critical actions.
  • Submit documents and manage appeals in bulk (up to 5000 ASINs).
  • Access any services needed to achieve compliance.

With Manage Your Compliance you can manage product compliance requirements such as import or export regulations in the country you want to ship from or sell in, and Product Assurance.

At this stage, the tool doesn’t include all products with compliance requirements, such as dangerous goods, chemical products, or food products. We’ll continue to add products to the tool in the next 6 months and will update you whenever new categories are added.

Visit the Manage Your Compliance help page to learn more.

Our goal is to make product compliance quick and easy, so that you can focus on growing your business. We’re continuing to innovate to streamline your compliance experience. To find out what’s coming next, watch the Manage your compliance on Amazon session from Amazon Accelerate.


New Dashboard. Check
Manage 1,000s of appeals. Check

…make product compliance quick and easy, so that you can focus on growing your business. TBD

I read this simply as: “Expect more compliance requests in 2022. A lot more.”


Now if Amazon would only work on their own compliance issues. Perhaps not hosting Chinese knockoffs would be a start.


This reads like a response from support when I attempt to submit compliance documents.


It’s a continuous battle


I followed the directions from Seller Central1 and landed here:
Is this the dashboard? It merely says Product Compliance Requests, so I’m not certain that we are “a limited number of Sellers”.

1Directions from


I don’t think that’s the _new_dashboard. I think this is coming soon, much like “Visit the Manage Your Compliance help page to learn more” which is unlinked in the announcement, and will be updated when this feature is universal. I cart think they put the horse before here the. (sic)

I do notice that when I go to that first link, I’m generally seeing e.g.
" Product Compliance Requests

Requests: 6"

with only 5 items listed. I’m also getting compliance demands via email for ASINs I’ve never listed (plus threats for ASINs long ago deleted, currently closed, etc.). Yesterday I got a call from the .ca Account Health team, which demanded I appeal listings that the badly broken BIL tool failed to sync across markets when I closed/deleted them on the source market side (and where the problem was actually contributions from other sellers, which is impossible to fix for deleted listings, and not worth the trouble for closed listings). When told it was an engineering problem, their response was “tell CS directly, and they’ll see that engineering gets that fixed” (hahahahahahahahahaha). They then sent me additional instructions via email that had links that were all in the wrong marketplace, and other bad instructions. I could go on for paragraphs about the failings associated with this one single ASIN in one single marketplace. At this point compliance requests are roughly co-equal with takedown demands, and we’ll shutter our .ca store before lifting a finger to fix that pile of poo.

I just don’t see how they can get so much wrong with compliance, and then roll out a new, lightly test tool and expect it to help more than harm.


Amazon is making selling so complicated even they can’t keep up with all the rules.


I started selling on Amazon just few months ago and was doing very well. My product has 5 stars. It has been reserved for inspection by Amazon in the past and was approved.
Just recently I started receiving emails about submission of compliance documents. I have done it multiple times, and also tried to update the info in compliance section in the listing, but neither is the listing getting updated, nor is the compliance document being approved.
The product has been tested by SGS and covers all the relevant clauses as specified in CPSIA. Yet despite multiple attempts, there has been no progress in the matter. This matter is very unnerving and discouraging. And is the main reason why I haven’t created more listings.


I’ve actually stopped submitting test and compliance of some products as it was never-ending. I would submit all documents from either the manufacturer or brand and a few day to a week later be asked to resubmit. Even with it coming directly it would drop…


I understood it the same as you, but I re-read it a few times and I think they mean 10 Amazon stores such as, Amazon.UK, Amazon.EU, etc.

Not sure, and confusing nonetheless


Will Amazon ever enforce compliance on Chinese sellers, or they will only continue to torture US sellers?


Amazon never makes life easy for sellers. Amazon says Lets see how hard we can make every aspect of selling for seller! I’ve literally been dealing with a shipping issue in amazons imagination for almost a year now they don’t have a clue about how to fix it or the metrics LOL


It’s a total nightmare! We are manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products. Few months ago a “skin-lightening” bot has flagged almost all our ASIN’s. We have provided all compliance documents. Now same ASIN’s have been flagged again, but the documents are refused with no any reason. Impossible to get any human answer, you send requested tests or VCRP documents and you receive the same endless automatic answer: “We are unable to move forward with the approval process, as we still have not received the requested compliance documentation.”

Is there any issue? A support team says it’s between compliancy team hand and it’s impossible to contact them and have an explanation?

Please SOS.
Thank you!!!


Yes after selling here for 10+ years, rushing things to customers; giving easy returns, Amazon does nothing but jerk me around. A frantic threatening call and voicemail the other day, just to get back to “oh no action needed by you”. The professionalism and rational thinking process has gone off into space, much like Bezos…


Good luck to you. You are probably up against the same BS that I ran into. I just stop selling anything flagged here; let these idiots fight for scraps. I am so done with the amount of overhead now needed for this account. But not to worry, there are now new “middlemen” companies that will run your account for you; nab brand ownership for you, fight authentication and hazmat claims for you. It’s become a very jaded get rich scheme; while they tax and wrestle sellers for the remaining dollars on items with decreasing value and margins - thanks to Amazon’s race to the bottom mentality. The customer gets a great price; Amazon gets the fees; the not so helpful “helper / middleman” companies get their share. The only ones with all the risk and no income are the regular sellers. No thanks people. I have (re)moved my “flagged” inventory and putting my money into the stock market. You middlemen and related jerks will not see a dime from me. Amazon will always make money, they just don’t want to share it anymore with us.


I am a new seller. I started selling here for about 3 months. I am doing online arbitrage now. So I am selling products that already exist on Amazon. I received mail 2 days ago from Amazon that “I have listed products that require me to submit compliance documents”. In this case, Amazon asks me compliance document for 1 ASIN from my catalog. Maybe it’s a beginner question but really appreciate any answer. When I am one out of 50 sellers who sells this ASIN (product), am I the appropriate person for whom Amazon should request these documents? (I mean the product is already listed by another seller about 2 years ago and I am the 1 seller out of 50). For this Asin, when I go to Account Health and then the voice of the customer page I have a catalog of 10 products. 7 out of 10 has excellent CX Health. 1 Good, 1 Fair, and 1 Very poor. For this very poor as I mentioned CX health is very poor, If Amazon requests compliance documents correctly what will you recommend from where to start looking for these documents. This Asin is branded product for the company which operates about 50 years in the USA.


same story here, they are making it very stressful for sellers, especially because we are not manufacturers, they removed my products that had 5 stars and you consistently have to start all over. very discouraging.


oh they will annoy you with that compliance stuff until drag you crazy, and no matter what you submit it’s never enough, they might approve today, and next week they ask again until they remove the item, and keep torturing you like that.
No one to actually help you understand. Items i found listed already by other sellers for years, they removed it anyway from my listing after i submited documents. and some are FBA approved, and in stock at Amazon, figure that out, now i don’t know what my items will become at Amazon facility. So Good luck, hope same thing doesnt happen to you


Yes. Amazon wants to know that you are guaranteeing compliance for your specific inventory of that ASIN–that the Buyers who purchase from you versus any of the other 50 Sellers will get an item that is just as authentic, safe, and reliably sourced as another Buyer who purchased from a different 3P Seller, or a Buyer who purchased directly from the brand.

It is an aggravation but will become more understandable, the more you learn about your competitors. :grimacing: