Shipment Delivered Last July - 0 Units Received - No Reimbursement


Shipment Delivered Last July - 0 Units Received - No Reimbursement

(shipment tracked as delivered via UPS partnered shipping)

Invoices were provided long ago. Robotic seller support just asked for invoices again as if I never provided.

Zero urgency from Amazon to help.

Support case going on forever. I am seriously losing faith in FBA and in selling on Amazon.

I am a long time seller and have never seen support this terrible.

This shipment is worth $1000s and Amazon has done nothing to help.

Hopefully someone at Amazon sees this thread and does something to help.

I am very close to quitting FBA forever.

FBA shipment received & checked in with no discrepancies, 9 days later 85% of shipment missing
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You are not the first to report this, major delays with reconciling lost shipments and Amazon keeps pushing the dates out, it appears that they don’t want to deal with these until the new year.


It seems like a clever way to boost their Q4 financials on the backs of their sellers. I have very little faith in shipping in more inventory at this point, and we typically send shipments daily. Not anymore.


Sure does, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amz employees have been given instructions not to do any until next year, Q1 Amazon shareholders were not happy.

Amazon’s Q1 2022 net loss was $3.8 billion , or $7.56 a share, owing to a $7.6 billion write-down of its investment in electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian.

Reconcile Date Keeps Changing
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In the “good old days” Amazon would handle an issue like this in HOURS not MONTHS.

I am not certain how much longer I can tolerate this.


Now seller support has responded to my case demanding more invoices to other shipments not related to this shipment, and they included this statement:

“Once we receive this information, we’ll continue our investigation. If we don’t hear back from you within one business day, this case may be closed.”

They are demanding 1 business day response, on THANKSGIVING, when they have already taken MONTHS to not resolve this issue.


That’s insane and really frustrating, is it bots gone wild or Reps that just want to close the case as quickly as possible? Amazon is becoming harder and harder to navigate or get issues resolved and with the NSFE around the corner, it’s going to get even harder for sellers. The promise of Reps being more active and helping on the forum was promising at first, but it’s been few and far between.


if the case seems at all complicated, seller support lately seems to just kick the can down the road, and never actually solves the problem.

as a seller, with a real problem, costing my business real money, it is incredibly frustrating and causes me to lose faith in using Amazon as a seller.

again, if anyone at Amazon sees this thread, please do something to help. this is a simple issue that can be solved with a reimbursement for lost inventory. there is no reason it should take MONTHS.

I only opened this thread in the hope that someone at Amazon might see this thread and do something, anything, to help.

Amazon, please prove that you care about your sellers.


Tatiana_Amazon any help would be appreciated.


Amazon can tell if an employee is going too slow in the warehouse or if a consumer is putting a bag of apples in their cart at a Fresh store with just cameras. Yet here they are imbeciles. It is by choice and the longer we tolerate it, the worse it will get.


I still have no resolution to this case. I am outraged at the total lack of urgency for a lost shipment of this size.

My small business is suffering. Amazon is offering nothing.

I even attempted to call Amazon regarding the case, which I tend to avoid, and the support person gave me a templated response to reply to case by email.

I need action. I need help. I cannot tolerate any further robotic or templated replies.

Amazon, do something.


You can read about that process here…


You are welcome, @Tatiana_Amazon was helping out on another thread with a similar issue yesterday so I thought she may be able to help. We need to keep the thread active so it doesn’t disappear into the forum abyss and hopefully, a Mod will step up and assist.


Well your words “My shipment was actually checked in and counted as received with no discrepancies”, don’t say that.

What do your reports show?


It is a Holiday weekend, so I am not expecting Amazon U.S employees to see this thread until Monday.

If next week comes and goes, and this thread and my case is totally ignored by Amazon, I will be forced to consider what steps will need to be taken to remedy this situation.

I have some ideas.


Yes, they are laid out for you in your TOS.


Yes. Hopefully I can avoid that. Having to involve my attorney for something like this seems unnecessary, but eventually it will be necessary. More time and money wasted.


I’m hopeful that if we keep this thread open you will get some assistance, if no Mod responds by midweek, I will flag the thread and request that it’s moved over to Account Health so it will be more visible to them, hopefully some of the more diligent and resourceful Mods will be around.


I should add that Amazon would not allow me to reconcile the shipment until mid October, when the shipment was delivered in July.

So I already waited approximately 3 months before even being allowed to raise the issue. At that point, they should have been able to resolve it within days.


Do you currently have a case open, or did it get closed? The Mod is going to ask for a case number in order to proceed, just an FYI.