Seller-fulfilled returns: UPS return shipping option extended


We recently introduced UPS as a customer return shipping option for items below 15 ounces and 130 inches in girth under the Amazon Prepaid Returns Label (APRL) program, and will extend this option until November 1, 2022.

Temporarily offering UPS as a return shipping option will allow us to better understand the impact of added convenience on sales of seller-fulfilled offers.

We’ll continue to reimburse the cost difference between the UPS and USPS shipping labels. Based on your feedback, we’ll automatically reimburse all eligible returns by December 1, 2022. If you have not submitted a claim yet, there is no need to do so and we will automatically refund you by December 1, 2022.

For more information on label costs, go to Shipping costs for seller-fulfilled returns.

Auto-Authorized Returns UPS instead of USPS--how can I specify USPS only on Return labels?
Reminder: Additional return shipping options for seller-fulfilled returns

Until you decide that it is now necessary to offer UPS and then you will no longer reimburse us for the cost difference.


Well thinking on the positive side (for now at least), I am nearly speechless that Amazon appears to have actually listened AND taken action on something for sellers. And they didn’t randomly listen to the one seller who clearly wants to screw with other sellers.

I am impressed that they are covering the difference automatically but I still recommend sellers follow up to make sure this occurs.


That’s wonderful and all but how do we opt out of your fraudulent Refund at First Scan and Return for Replacement programs? Amazon customers can’t be trusted to return the correct product and filing Safe-T claims is an exercise in sending the same info over to them 15 times until they actually read it.


I do like it that Amazon will automatically fund the difference but why the delay until 12-1? What you are doing is taking our money, without our consent, and giving it to yourself as a short term 0% interest loan.


Nothing about UPS returns has been better for us as sellers.