REVIEW MANIPULATION - Amazon Echo Dot listing Hijacked SERIOSLY...!


REVIEW MANIPULATION - Amazon Echo Dot listing Hijacked OMG!!!


FY Posture Brand is taking Amazons Echo Dot listing, Apple Watch listing, JBL speakers listing to the cleaners LOL

Check out these listings. All the reviews of these mega brands are being rerouted and connected to the FY Posture Brand posture listings

The listing is for a posture corrector However all reviews are for Amazon Echo Dot! (76,784 five star reviews)

The listing is for a posture corrector However all reviews are for Apple Watch (135,342 five star reviews)

The listing is for a posture corrector However all reviews are for JBL speakers (76,784 five star reviews)

Who would believe this can happen on in 2021

Report black hat Chinese seller
Why isn't Amazon doing anything about the Bootleg Nintendo N64 games on here?
Amazon Automated Review System

Appears to be working out quite nicely for the seller(s). SMH!



All I can say is LMAO


Also notice that for the first example, the seller Cibbans has over 10 separate listings all at the same price (with different stock counts). How?!




FY Posture is kicking Amazons butt LMAO


That ASIN is currently categorized thusly:

…which is correct for the current posture corrector, but not the Dot.

The most recent US review is from today, about the Dot.

:thinking: So I’m wondering if…

  1. The ASIN was originally hijacked by a non-Amazon Dot listing by a black hat Seller, intentionally? And this is the in-progress view of restoring the ASIN?
  2. If the listing was in fact originally Dot, sold by Amazon and in the correct whatever Dot category, can a hijacker get the ASIN recategorized?
  3. Bad merge by either the Amazon Retail Team, the catalog team, feeds, or an unknowing Seller?

And some at different prices, too.

Again, wondering if this was a bad merge or feed?

FWIW, the Dot still has a working, Amazon-only ASIN:


I have to say LOL that listing hijackers got one of amazon’s own items. For many reasons. With amazon ignoring the years long problem, it being inside workers at amazon, ect.

On the other hand papyrophilia is right. This new listing has the same number of ratings and questions as the echo listing that is still up. Maybe someone was able to duplicate the listing and change info? The bought together is right too, so perhaps it’s simple an amazon bug. But it happened to multiple listings for same type of item. Methinks a new way of hijacking listings where they duplicate all the good reviews but the original listing stays.


Your post made my day. Seriously, I thought Amazon brands were gated?


Hello Sellers,

Thank you bringing this to our attention.

We are looking into this.



You must be mistaken, I read in the news and here on the forums, Amazon solved all the Review Manipulation in the past month or so.


maybe something happens now that it affects amazon’s bottom line?



Isn’t this the same scheme that was discussed last week? 79206 Fake Reviews! Is something going to happen now because its Amazon’s product?


Could you please also look at the hijacking problem in general?


this happens all the time to many many sellers… we report it thinking Amazon will do something, but nope.

it has been going on so long, that you could probably search these forums and figure out HOW to do it… especially when you see that no one ever gets in trouble for doing it


Smells like an inside job.


It seems like hijacking is a normal practice for this seller, another listing from them:
Magnetic Lashes with Eyeliner and Tweezers, 5 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes and 2 Tubes of Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, [Upgraded] 3D Natural Look, Easy to Wear, No Glue Needed
JBL speaker turned into magnetic eyelashes.


It is the same seller which this below listing. All 76000 reviews are Fake and related to other products!!.

I raised this issue last week as well but no one helped I even reported him multiple times in all possible ways but no action was taken on his listings


FWIW, the Dot still has a working, Amazon-only ASIN:

Wow, and the reviews are exactly the same! And questions with answers, everything!


The simple way he did it, he added his item as a variation to the amazon echo dot, but since amazon doesn’t allow it to be a variation it was listed as a separate listing, but is still getting the reviews

You can see all his items have a variation name

I see constantly gated brands that you can add as a variation, you have to play around many times, and those thievs have enough time