Returns window extended for 2022 holidays


Similar to previous years, our standard returns window will be temporarily extended in anticipation of customers shopping early for the holidays. This policy includes orders that are shipped by you and orders that are shipped by Amazon.

Our 2022 Extended Holiday Returns policy requires that most items purchased between October 7, 2022, and December 31, 2022, are returnable through January 31, 2023.

Although the returns window for most orders is extended, the returns eligibility for all orders remains the same.

For more information on our returns policy and to view the returns eligibility for each category, go to the Returns and refunds policy page.


This was supposed to be temporary during the great Panda. Why is this still going on?


Don’t forget other Christmas classics like; “All I want for Christmas is free returns forever”, “Feliz Devoluciones”, “It’s beginning to look a lot like its time to return my Halloween Costume” and more timeless classics sung by Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole.


Scamazon Runnin’ Wild


Exactly. Why hasn’t it at least reverted back to starting in November?


I guess someone at Amazon was asleep. Wally already announced starting Oct 1, a while back. At least AZ gave a weeks notice.

And since most costumes fall under Fashion/clothing, they get to return for free. In January. So they can use the costume for Halloween and then maybe Santa pub crawls.


yea! Time for 200% more returns in January than they already crazy high fraud rate on Amazon.


We do get some relief as its not starting tomorrow. The announcement says October 7th.


This extend window should only be for PRIME items sold by AMAZON all 3p sellers should be the normal 30 day.


a joke…


The extended returns period is too long.


Every year when this happens, seller reaction ranges from utter outrage to yawns depending on what they sell.




There is absolutely NO REASON for this extension. Lock downs are done, mandates are gone. WHY cant buyers buy like every other platform and store in the COUNTRY?

@Wyatt_Amazon and @Cooper_Amazon you guys were asking what was causing problems. THIS and the utter lack of any kind of reasonable notice (a week, really?) causes problems.


Agreed, this should only be for Fulfilled by Amazon and Prime purchases, not for 3rd Party FBM sellers, unfortunately we get to many abused and used items returned after these extended return periods. Then have to fight with Safe-T Claims that have a better than 50% failure rate to getting refund to sellers.


What if the extended holiday returns was presented an option?

  • Buyers can pay a long-term restocking fee if returned after 45 days;
  • Maybe a per item fee of $2.99 (non-refundable after 30 days) of extended return “insurance”;
  • or agree to pay return shipping after 45 days, and have it extended to January 31st?

The extended returns make sense for holiday shoppers, but there does need to be a line of responsibility when you’re giving people 120 days, 1/3 of the year, to return any Amazon purchase. Realistically, most people don’t Christmas shop until thanksgiving week anyways. We sell Christmas decor and people love to open returns in January and ship out their returns in February/March.


Why bother even telling us? Between automated authorization and refund at first scan, we’ve already been cut out the returns loop.


my fantasies are wild: I was hoping for this year that amazon would be back to the 60 days…. And when I read the “news” on the app, I was the #6 I believed, that disliked it… it was a few minutes from been posted it.

Honestly, I don’t see the benefit of the extended return period… it only gives more entitlement to bad actors. Don’t think we sell more.
As @Aisle_100_Toys mentioned it should be for prime orders… and even I’d adventure to say it’d a choice for sellers in a program which will give some break to sellers for feedback or other kind of placebo compensation.
My negative feedbacks usually comes from that time frame… it’s always an unhappy customer with random reasons.


What an abusive and disgusting policy. Not surprising. 3P sellers are in the crosshairs. Sad.


FOUR MONTHS! This is absolutely disgusting… one of those instances of Amazon’s “buyer-centric” policies reaching obscene levels.