Requirement for Commercial Liability Insurance and Launch of Insurance Accelerator


Hello Sellers,

In regard to the US Announcement made here, we created this topic and are inviting you to post your questions. Please stay on topic and only post queries about commercial liability insurance and the insurance accelerator. We will leave this thread open for 5 days. After that, we will close the topic and process your questions. We will return here to post available answers.


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I have two separate policies covering different products. How is this addressed? Your submission forum seems to be only set up for a single policy submission.


I have had a policy through Liberty Mutual for a number of years now. When I used the accelerator one of the companies that was quoted to me was Liberty Mutual at a rate of $300/year less than what I currently pay. (Current policy renews in a few weeks so I have a recent quote.)

I called the Liberty Mutual number provided by the accelerator, explained what I was trying to do, and after a long wait on hold they informed me that they cannot honor the quote Amazon gave. It has something to do with requiring a change of underwriters and their obligation to my existing underwriter.

I explained to them that I could just go one of the other companies that gave me a similar quote and Liberty Mutual would loose my business altogether. Their response basically was “yes that’s true”.

I’ve never filed a claim with Liberty Mutual and paid all my premiums on time but it seems they are willing to drop me over this. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet, just throwing this out there as a potential glitch.


Hello @fast_and_stead

Thank you for your question. At present, we allow a single policy submission at a time. As soon as the first policy is verified, please go ahead and submit the second one. We will notify you via email when the verification is complete. You can also visit the Business Insurance page on Seller Central to check the status of your policy submission.



There is a slight discrepancy between the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and the FAQ on the business insurance upload page with respect to how Amazon should be listed as an additional insured. The Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement says “Amazon and its assignees”, while the FAQs on the business insurance upload page say “ Services LLC., and its affiliates and assignees”.

Which is correct and how exactly should Amazon be named on the COI?


We’ve had the required insurance for years and each year at renewal our insurer sends the COI to Amazon at the PO BOX listed in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. Today’s announcement seems to suggest there is a new process for uploading the COI, but that conflicts with the process in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. How should sellers submit their COIs to Amazon?


The FAQs on the business insurance upload page say “The deductible for any policy(ies) must not be greater than $10,000 and any deductible amount must be listed on the certificate(s) of insurance”

Our insurance through CNA is compliant, but in looking at the industry standard ACORD COI, the deductible is not listed on the COI for Commercial General Liability insurance policies. While we can ask CNA to add it, they are a huge company like Amazon and may not change the industry standard ACORD COI form to match this requirement from Amazon. Is Amazon aware the deductible is not typically included on the ACORD COI for a Commercial General Liability policy? Will they instead accept the COI along with the policy declarations page showing the deductible?


I’m a single member LLC business and I do have policy under my business name. Yet on Amazon I have my first and last name as legal entity since according to Amazon single member LLC is consider as individual. I look up the update and it say :Individual" includes Sole Proprietors or Single-Member LLCs where the owner is an individual:. How to I upload since it will not match on policy ? How do I fix this?


When going through the tax accelerator interview…it asks “Is a waiver of subrogation endorsement required by any of your clients? YES or NO.”

I don’t see any mention of this by Amazon. Thus, is this “waiver of subrogation endorsement” required by Amazon on the policy we purchase? Thanks.



my company is registered in Europe. the insurance providers listed on the Amazon insurance accelerator only provide insurance for American companies. I called several other US insurance companies - they don’t provide insurance to European companies. Can you please provide at least one insurance company on the Accelerator that works with non-American companies?

thank you!


My company is a Canadian based Incorporation, but we sell in the US.

If I have a canadian policy that matches the canadian requirements will that still allow me to sell in the US.



Is the requirement mandatory for overseas sellers only participating in FBA in the US or all the sellers in the US marketplace?


We sell only books, which are unlikely to cause property or personal injury. Please say are we also obligated to take insurance if we cross the monthly sale of 10,000 USD?
If yes, what kind of policy suits us.


Moving forward can you do this whenever you roll out a new policy?

It would even be beneficial if you rolled out ‘proposed’ policies for consultation BEFORE introducing them. Not only would this benefit us, but it would also benefit Amazon by reducing the amount of confued sellers contacting support for clarifications.

It would also save Amazon from ‘egg on face’ syndrome when they have to back track and make multiple adjustments because a policy is ill conceived.

Thank you


Good Morning,

When I saw this policy yesterday I uploaded my COI Acord form through the portal. Amazon is listed as an additional insured and my policy coverages exceed Amazon’s requirements. Overnight I received the following reply threatening my seller account:

We were unable to verify your proof of liability insurance. Your selling privileges may get revoked if you do not submit a certificate of insurance that meets Amazon requirements.

To view your account performance, select “Account Health” on the home screen of the “Amazon Seller” app on your iOS or Android device, or go to the “Account Health” page in Seller Central:

This was all that I received. No info explaining what was missing; nothing on my Account Health Page to indicate any issue. I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2014 and my business in entirely above-board. I know it’s asking a lot, but can’t we be treated at least halfway reasonably? In any sane world the response I received would’ve said something like, “thank you for your submission. It is incomplete/incorrect. Here’s what else we need from you to verify your COI. We look forward to hearing back from you.” Instead I receive a message with zero information that threatens my livelihood.

All I’m trying to do here is follow Amazon’s insurance policies. Can someone help?


Same, I uploaded a copy of our renewal certificate that Amazon was mailed in June. We have $2,000,000 in product coverage since we manufacture. It seems they’re doing the auto rejection without reading, similar to what they did for toy product safety. I resubmitted the same certificate today to see what happens. I’m trying to get the insurance company to add the wording: “This policy covers all sales from products (my company) has listed on the Amazon website” My agent says this isn’t necessary since the policy already states it covers all products sold in the course of our business, but it might be what Amazon is looking for.


Same here. All their email says is:

Your policy does not cover your sales through the website.

I ordered the policy using their links from their approved insurer and uploaded the copy of the policy that says it’s the copy to submit to Amazon. I’ve resubmitted the policy, this time highlighting the parts which show Amazon as an additional insured.


This is set so amazon can bill our insurance companies for fraudulent claims by fraudulent customers. What happens when our insurance companies drop us because amazon’s fraud bot keeps submitting claims? This is just a way for amazon to not have to pay out for thousands of A-Z claims.


Are all sellers on Amazon, selling in America, regardless of country location, going to be required to have this?

If so, then this is a good thing. If we are going to just require it from American sellers then it is not a fair policy. In my opinion.


Most companies do not incentivize or reward loyalty no matter how good of a customer you have been. This is just how big business operates. New customer growth brings in more money than old customer retention.