Reduce excess inventory this spring through Amazon Outlet


If you sell with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Outlet provides you with an opportunity to improve your inventory health. Featuring products via Amazon Outlet can help you boost sales, improve cash flow, optimize inventory levels, and reduce storage fees. There are no additional fees to participate in outlet.

Amazon Outlet can now be reached on the mobile shopping app under the 'Programs & Features' section of the main menu. Based on outlet’s seasonal trends and customer marketing focus this season, eligible items in categories such as Lawn & Garden, Sports, Outdoors, Tools & Home improvement, and Apparel are expected to have increased exposure on outlet. Customers who often shop in these categories will be able to find outlet through Amazon home page advertising, direct email, and more.

You can use the 'Manage Excess Inventory' page to identify products eligible for Amazon Outlet deals and submit deals for approval using the menu to the right of eligible listings.

Customers can access outlet on their mobile apps by clicking ‘See All Programs’ in the main menu.


Wow. I really wish this article was published earlier than the day before my storage capacity is being cut by 60% and I disposed of a s#^#ton of inventory to avoid the excessive fees. j/s.


How can you see the position your product will be listed on? Or how do you know its been accepted?


SO now amazon has found a way for you to sell your merchandise even cheaper than normal and give buyers even more “PERKS” at the expense of sellers. Amazon is finding new ways to sell a sellers merchandise at a discount for buyers.


I don’t see any “Programs & Features” anywhere on the mobile app. Can somebody help me locate this feature please?


yeah blame it on amzon that you sent a bunch of junk in and that it miraculously just missed being deemed worthy of a sale by minutes lol


junk inventory. stuff you would dispose of. reread and comprehend


I really don’t know why there needs to be a minimum of 10 items to be eligible. If an item is not a high seller then I never would send in more than 2 or 3 units at a time. I have probably 100 different items that I need to get rid of that I only have 1 or 2 qty of because they were just not good sellers.


its part of their plan.


If one is to “reduce excess inventory” through Amazon Outlet, “based on outlet’s seasonal trends” then it would only be worthwhile if Amazon allows ‘No Return - Final Sale’ for all items purchased through Amazon Outlet.


I think your confused. My issue is amazon doesn’t do this to help the seller. They offer a way to deep discount the merchandise giving the buyers a perk of highly discounted merchandise at the expense of the buyer. You need to re read and comprehend