Receiving Amazon Packages I didn't Order


Hi All,

I am a seller and a buyer on Amazon for a few years. Today, I received a package from Amazon that I did not order. The envelope had my correct name and address with 4 DVD’s of the same movie “Christmas Coupon”. Few weeks ago, I received another Amazon package with a curly hair, which I threw away and ignore. Is this happening to anyone one else? No invoice in the package for me to trace to see who sent it. Any help appreciated on how to get these to stop.


It’s called “brushing”.

Google: Beware of Amazon Packages You Didn’t Order—It Could Be a Scam

If you’re the victim of a brushing scam, that means your personal information—your name and shipping address, at the very least—have likely been compromised. Secondly, many of these “phantom sellers” don’t include a return address or order number on the package. If they were to mail an illegal product such as drugs or weapons to your doorstep, you could find yourself in some legal trouble. The best thing to do is to report unordered merchandise to Amazon to make them aware of the problem.

Have Amazon Customer service call you. - don’t use Chat - look below he Chat buuton and use:\ Need help over phone? We can call you..

As long as you have the tracking number, a relatively intelligent rep can trace the parcel.

Competitor seller sends me gift of their product to my now revealed seller address... what?

I called and provide the tracking and rep was unable to trace. Thank you for your help!


Well, Rushdie did insert a qualifier there.


Try this instead: Common gift card scams / Awareness for our customers

Right now, (may be different during the day when telephone is available) it’s taking you back to the same Help page, but ask to speak with a member of the Customer Protection Review team. This is the team that normally handles all scams. Considering the numerous changes Amazon implemented, courtesy of C-19, getting a competent rep, it’s not as straightforward as it should be.


@Lissy-PA, there is a similar scam described in the New York Times article “A Business with no End” where people get Amazon packages they did not order. It’s a long and complex investigative article, but the scamming organization is long and complex. If I remember correctly this unknown package delivery part of it is described in the very beginning,


Same brushing scam, with the exception that all parcels were addressed to, “Returns Department, Valley Fountain LLC.”

The OP’s parcels are being sent directly to them, with correct name and address.

That article is a spider web of fraudsters.


Thank you all for the feedback and information!