Rebranding: Will Amazon allow it?


Our company manufactures and sells our own line of products under our own brand name. Our Amazon seller name corresponds to our brand name, which is in the Brand Registry. We own all the GS1 UPC codes for the products we sell and are the only seller of our products.

We are considering changing our company name and product brand name from it’s current name (which has a ton of letters and sounds rather generic) to a new name (which is much shorter and corresponds to the product better).

Will Amazon let us change the brand name of our products and our seller name? Or do you think they are going to make us create all-new ASINs?


If you were approved before Brand Registry 2.0, you may discover this will be harder than the approval was.

You will need a registered trademark for your new brand.


hi there, I’m in the EXACT same boat, do you mean sharing with me what happened?

I have read that it’s possible to do but very hard



They will have to roll back the brand registry application if you want to keep the same Asin’s and then apply the new trademark if applicable. Otherwise, the old Asin’s corresponding to the old trademark will not update.


It is a lot easier to just sell the new product under your established brand name. You would create the listing using your company brand as the manufacturer, and then it will show up as…TITLE by Your brand. :train2:


Hi, we were in the same boat. We have a registered trademark on our original brand, but after the changes to Amazon’s brand registry system, we went through a rebranding at our company. We are working on the new trademark, but it is a long process. How we handled it, we designed our logo like this.

Brand B by Brand A

Where brand B is the new brand, and A is the old. This way we can leave everything on Amazon as listed under our old brand but include the updated brand in product titles etc…

I also found it to be very helpful to include images on each listing showing the transition from old to new. Once we get the trademark for our new brand, we can officially convert everything over.

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