RE: Seller Fulfilled Prime Changes in Eligibility Requirements


Seller Fulfilled Prime Changes in Eligibility Requirements

Hey SFP Folks!

We’ve got a month to double-check and fix any weak spots …

The bar has been raised!



We need a solution in light of this bar that has been raised.

We ship our international PRIME orders by DHL and UPS so that they can arrive on time for the Buyer.
At the moment Amazon does not have those carriers as an option. The only option is USPS which is very unreliable to Countries other than the US.

What do we do ??? Thank you


This will further thin the SFP herd. With these changes I am certain I will get an sfp suspension at some point in the near future.


The SFP “squeeze play” I wish Amazon itself operated under the same rules.


When they say " ON TIME SHIPMENT RATE " do they mean the day we ship the product or the day it was received. I would assume the day the order is received by the Customer as long as its within the days promised on Amazon.
I ask because we receive reports every week and they sent a report one week showing 4 orders that say NO in the column SHIPPED ON TIME… And YES in the column DELIVERED ON TIME. It seems they would not have sent any information in the report had it actually shipped on time.


On time shipment is when you ship it. On time delivery is when it arrives. I have 100% on time shipping, but my on time delivery is at like 94%.


So they monitor the criteria on the shipping date and not on the delivery date? That would seem weird no?


For SFP I’m pretty sure they track both.


I checked meticulously. The delivery date has a criteria of 92% so you’re good at 94. It’s still weird that the shipment rate criteria would be that much higher at 99%. You know sometimes you want to take a day off and I had set up a regional list to move all my ASIN’s into so that if orders come in I can ship them the next day and it still gets there on time because UPS is one day to these areas. I guess I canttake days off anymore unless I turn prime completely off. Pretty stupid. IMO


I wasn’t aware we could offer SFP international … ?

Not sure I’d have the guts to do it, but it is an interesting thought though.

Where are you shipping internationally? And what kind of rates are you exposed to?


SFP goes by “first-scan” to determine late-ships. When you purchase the label, it shows “shipped”, but until there is a “first-scan” to show movement, the label is “unshipped” in the eyes of sfp performance.

Late deliveries don’t directly affect you sfp metrics, but they do affect your premium shipping metrics.

SFP- performance watches the three sfp metrics (cancellations, buy-shipping, and late-ships)
Regular performance watches premium / late deliveries.

If you end up losing premium eligibility, you will immediately lose sfp as well


I don’t understand. I get international orders that have the prime badges on them all the time? You don’t? I thought being an SFP member you automatically receive international orders from PRIME Customers, provided your shipping template has international areas checked off. At which time you need to buy the shipping just like any other prime order.


I really dislike the 98% Buy Shipping requirement. That should only be in place for new SFPers and/or SFPers with low on-time shipment and delivery times. Once you have a proven track record they should ease up on this requirement, not increase it. SMH.


Yikes … no

My international section has standard and expedited selected but no option for prime. They’re not coming through as international 2-day orders are they?


Hello and I apologize for drifting of thread theme but I need some advice.

You seem to be experienced in SFP. Amazon keeps inviting us to try SFP but I have not done it yet because I don’t understand how one can be competitively priced and still satisfy the delivery deadlines. It seems to me that profits would drop to unacceptable levels if I had to ship Priority Mail all the time instead of First Class.

What do you do? Only sell items with little or no competition in order for a higher retails?

Robert/ Trailrep


If you’re relying on First Class and the bump to Priority would make it unprofitable, there is nothing to decide since they recently removed all access to FC. Priority is now the new minimum service level to play SFP.

On the upside, the prime badge helps compete for the buybox at a slightly higher price. If you’ve noticed, when competing with an FBA seller, FBM usually must be priced a few percent lower to steal the BB. You can play with your pricing to see the point that you gain/lose the BB. SFP offers a similar pricing advantage and you can then do the math to see if it makes sense.

Price-points are important. If you can price 5-8% higher, that means $2-3 extra on a $40 item to help offset label increases.

If you’re selling $10-15 items, it really doesn’t work as well.


So 1 cancellation for every 200 order is kinda crazy. Each time we have to send seller performance an e-mail, even if customer changed their mind and want to cancel the order.


Mine has no option for prime either. In fact on my shipping templates the prime badge appears to the left of all the States in the US but below in the international section there is no prime badge. However, I continue to get Standard and Expedited orders with the prime badge on top, you know next to the order ID, to other Countries with the buy shipping option on. I emailed Amazon because they only provide USPS as an option and I told them USPS sucks to international countries. They told me international orders are not affected in the metrics and that I should continue to buy the shipping outside Amazon. It’s weird because I cannot find any place where this is turned on. Not that I want it turned off either because I get alot orders to other Countries.


We need do it like that. Because the customer is God.



It doesn’t matter if you work hard to stay in those metrics, the black hole and rogue department that is the Amazon SFP Performance team will ban you from SFP even if your metrics are well within the range.