Quickly test new marketing strategies with "Manage Your Experiments"


Structure your brand for success with the Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central. You no longer have to spend months testing different product marketing strategies when creating A+ content on your brand’s listings. The Manage Your Experiments tool helps you test two versions of A+ content simultaneously, and shows you the results in an easy to understand dashboard. Through the use of A/B tests you can compare the two versions of content and see which version resonates with Amazon customers.

To be eligible for Manage Your Experiments, you must have the Brand Representative role in Brand Registry and have at least one eligible ASIN. These ASINs must have published A+ content, belong to your Brand, and have high traffic so that we can provide more statistically sound results for your A/B tests. You can then set up a second version of A+ content using the exact same ASINs as the first version and get your content approved before submitting your experiment.

Go to Manage Your Experiments and set up your experiment


This is great i love the idea it’s going to really help my business.
Now i just need to have a brand to register.


I agree with our friend Eliyahu - the rolling out of split-testing capabilities (long-proven methodology for fine-tuning marketing efforts in service of driving traffic as it, demonstrably, is) surely represents a welcome addition to 3P Seller’s kit-box of tools.

Still, two of the marketing company blogs that we follow (both of which, among others that we keep an eye upon, sent out notice of the new A+ Content Experiments Initiative before this News Headline broke) now include posted comments - made by what I believe to be, relatively speaking, high-volume 3P Sellers - that they are seeing this message when they navigate to to the Manage Your Experiments Dashboard:

Ineligible Selling Partner

Manage Experiments is currently only available for selling partners who:
(1) Own a brand, and
(2) Have very high-traffic ASINs, and
(3) Have published A+ content on those ASINs.

If you are receiving this message, you have not been identified as a user who meets all these criteria. Check back next week; newly eligible selling partners are automatically added.

To become eligible for this tool, make sure you’re registered with Brand Registry, and have published A+ content on your brand’s ASINs. And, consider driving more traffic to your ASINs.

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please contact us.

Since we ourselves began (albeit briefly) seeing this cautionary message displayed by the A+ Content Manager Dashboard this morning (after we learned of this new Amazon initiative thanks to the aforesaid ‘mine canaries;’ the message comports well with recent reports, in the various Amazon Seller Fora and elsewhere, of unprecedented delays of approval being observed):

“A+ Content is currently experiencing delays in reviewing and publishing content due to a combination of high volumes and system issues. We are working to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience.”

I would submit that it is probably advisable to exercise both restraint and patience in engaging this new feature, before it is fully deployed, and Amazon has had a chance to tweak the early returns to suit its designed intent.



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