Question about Backend Keywords Field


Hey everyone,

I am about to do a backend keywords for FBA listing. I am aware that Amazon only indexes 250 characters but here is where I am confused.

Why are there 5 fields? Say I have all my backend keywords separated by spaces, do I need to insert all into one field or spread the amount?

What is the situation with these 5 fields and why do they exist?

Thank you in advance!


According to seller support, do not put all 250 characters on one line as if they change things in the future (and they always do), you would then need to go back and spread them out. We have been using 4 fields.

Amazon used to allow 1000 characters total and found too many incorrect items coming up in searches with customer complaining they couldn’t find the item(s) they were looking for. Now they made it 250 total. That was where the 5 lines came from.


Well that hasn’t changed. Even when I search using a specific brand I get a page full of everything but what i searched for. Worst search engine on the planet.

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