Product documents program now available for Brand owners


Brand owners can now upload product documents like installation manuals, compatibility guides, and troubleshooting guides so that they will be available to customers on the product detail pages. Customers will benefit from this content pre-purchase to make shopping decisions and post purchase to make the most of the products that they buy.

Brands can reduce customer service calls and product returns, and increase customer satisfaction via this program that is free and open to all brand owners.

If you are a brand owner, visit Manage Product Documents today to get started.

Here is a link to related help page:

Do you put the product directions or instructions in your listing?

This is really welcome news! Earlier you needed to jump hoops with business program to get this.
So where exactly are the documents shown on the detail page? Anyone have an example?


Just up loaded my certificates right away !
But how long will it take to pass the review ? Now the status is “not published”
Thanks !



Im trying to upload a PDF file and getting this error,
“We could not verify that this document is secure.”

Tried already a few different PDF’s files,

Any solutions?


I’ve got some questions:

  • The installation files we have include information pertaining to the brand (website, address, and phone number). Should we remove that information or can we leave that information there?
  • Is there a list of specifications we must follow?
  • If there’s a rules guide as to what is and what isn’t allowed, can we please get a link to it?


Well intended. Probably useful to some products. High risk of being abused by black hat players.

Just my 2 cents …


Thank you to those of you who posted questions. Ale and I are working to provide answers for you.



Hello all!

Please see below for answers to the most recent questions posted in the thread.

1) Do we have an example of what the PDP page looks like with the added Product Documents?

A/ Please see below for an example of how it would look in a detail page(Mobile App).


2) We uploaded "certificates" and the status is "not published" - how long will it take to pass review and become published?

A/ Once submitted, your content may take seven business days to be reviewed for adherence to below mentioned Amazon guidelines for product documents. It may take longer during peak times. Documents that do not adhere to these guidelines will be rejected.

Once approved, it can take up to seven business days to publish on the detail page of the ASINs to which it applies. If the document status is “Not approved,” view the rejection reasons by clicking Edit for a specific document and make the changes.

3) I’m trying to upload a PDF and I’m getting an error - “We could not verify that this document is secure.” What is the solution?

A/ Approved types of documents can be found in the following help page under “Document Guidelines”:

4) The installation files we have include information pertaining to the brand (website, address, and phone number). Should we remove that information or can we leave that information there?

Is there a list of specifications we must follow?

If there’s a rules guide as to what is and what isn’t allowed, can we please get a link to it?

A/ You can find all the guidelines regarding this new feature in the help page below under “Document Guidelines”:

We’ll continue monitoring the thread to answer additional questions.



The guidelines mentioned above states:

  • Warranty or guarantee information is strictly forbidden, except in cases where the product itself is strictly a warranty card.


Nice! We have been waiting for this, our products are technical and this will help tremendously :smiley:


Ha. Having a warranty is theoretically a requirement for selling an item as New. This also seems like a good mechanism for gating fraudulent sellers. Were that a priority, I mean.


I would say NO - if you are the brand owner then they must know how to contact you for warranty and troubleshooting. Just like with Major brands on Amazon they have all their contact info on their documents and on the box when item arrives etc.


I have a hard time getting customers to read the item description all the way through before they buy. Unfortunately, shoppers buy off headlines without reading. This program would be of very minimal help. Quite simply, people do not put effort into reading. It’s easier to return the item and complain IMO.


The only mention of this is on this line:

  • Do not include any shipping, pricing, promotional details or discounts, QR barcodes, or personal information.

What exactly constitutes “Personal information”.

We sell custom handmade items and offer a ‘proof’ after purchase. Can we add a URL to the FAQ (that goes to a form field) that the customer can go to to request a proof? This URL would strictly be to assist an Amazon customer in completing their sale on the Amazon website. I do wish Amazon would give us a chat ability so we could communicate with our custom buyers. Email through Amazon messaging is stressful and most of the time completely ineffective.

OR … Can we add our company name and phone number on the letterhead so they can ask questions and give input about the design?

OR … Could we suggest they provide their contact information to assist them in getting a proof before/after purchase?


This is where I’m hung up on. I believe it’s left intentionally broad so that Amazon can remove it if they want/need to.

I was only inquiring about the brand name/address/phone number/website only because that is what is included on the packaged instructions (just as other brands do, like @semperlite said).

It doesn’t take much for me to open the file and remove that information. I just wanted clarification so that I wouldn’t have to spend the time removing that information if it wasn’t required.

Just to be safe, I think it’d be safer for myself to remove any of that information before submitting the documents.


But if you submit the documents with the information left on there, they will simply ask you to remove it and resubmit (no penalty). Unless time is of the essence … I’d give it a try and then report back here and let us know!


I do not have or own A Brand. :cry:


I share the same sentiment. People are stupidly lazy and will spend hundreds of dollars on something without fully understanding what they are buying. It’s pitiful.


I was told by Amazon after seeing my installation guide being used in a listing by the Chinese knockoff of my product that once a document is posted to the site, Amazon owns the copyright. Why would I want to post more of my product literature here?


I just spent the last three days communicating with a customer; the phrase, “As you’ll see in the installation guide,” was used frequently. Reading is a lost art.