Policy Reminder: Product Packaging and Inserts


Customer reviews help customers make informed purchase decisions and are a great source of suggestions about how to improve your products. Authentic customer reviews help new customers find and evaluate your products before purchasing.

We want to remind you that Amazon policies prohibit box inserts and product packaging that direct customers to write a positive review, even if no incentive is offered for the review. Similarly, directing customers to contact you instead of leaving a negative review on Amazon is also prohibited. Please ensure your product packaging and box inserts are compliant with these policies before shipping your products to a fulfillment center or to customers. If you have products that are already in fulfillment centers and are in violation of Amazon's policies, you can create a removal order to proactively remove your inventory.

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Product Inserts . . . Is this Compliant or against TOS?
Email & Website in Product Insert
Private label is now inactive because of package requirements
Email or website address on product INSERT CARDS - yay or nay?
Account Reinstated After Appealing For 10 Months!
Against Amazon TOS for review request?

While we are on the topic of product reviews…

Please ask Amazon to stop steering product reviews away from FBM sellers. This hurts domestic sellers and the lack of product reviews makes it difficult for domestically made/shipped products to compete for fair product ranking and Amazon badges (ie. Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller).


I want to know which person at Amazon thinks of these ideas? Most of the reputable sellers on this marketplace has customer service numbers so customers can call in and solve issues directly and faster.

We have customers call us all the time (from the number posted on our seller profile) and we can 99% of the time help them faster, and more precisely than the back and forth on Amazon.

I understand Amazon’s need to be the middle man, but geez c’mon.


Review’s and FB requests are not customer service. Your valid point is that you are doing correct customer service yet others are not doing same.


Snaky Amazon is so slick!


Leave Seller Feedback is the Review link. Just worded differently.


No it’s not. There is no link to leave a product review for the FBM product in the example posted - just a seller feedback link. The same occurs in the emails Amazon sends to buyers.


Does this mean that using inserts to market promotions and other products IS ALLOWED?


How about this?





Until you get caught.


But if it is allowed then what’s the problem, why would amazon issue this update on insert policies and not mention inserts used to market


No. It has never been allowed to my knowledge.

No. It has never been allowed to my knowledge.

Recent Help Page changes make some things hard to find, but …

Communications under the Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct

You may not send unsolicited or inappropriate messages. All communications to customers must be sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging and be necessary for fulfilling the order or providing customer services. Marketing communications are prohibited.

I know there is one more specific but my bookmarked no longer works so I have to refind it.



Amazon, please take an action if you are serious about this policy.






when it comes to reviews ebay system works well generaly never have a problem getting a review on a product here on amazon it is a stretch to say the least we have sold well over a thousand products and have 19 reviews that is ridiculous. maybe amazon should figure out a way to get customers to leave a review on a product.


You’re just under a 2% review rate which (depending on your category) isn’t terrible. What types of products do you sell? What mechanisms do you have in place to get reviews?


When you instituted 3rd party email opt-out, you made it impossible for newer sellers to catch up to existing sellers in terms of quantity of reviews. This is quite unfair.


so they would have someone leave negative feedback before contacting the seller so they can make things right? that rediculous. most sellers on amazon are good people trying to make a living. I would rather have a customer contact me than leave me negative feedback. thats just insane to me!

“Similarly, directing customers to contact you instead of leaving a negative review on Amazon is also prohibited.”


Many of us looked at those stickers on another thread. At best they are garish, at worst they get you suspended if Amz enforces policy. They may just skirt the rule or they could be interpreted to break the rule. I do not look to get suspended for a sticker.


Thanks for the reply, I will stop using them… like you said, not worth a suspension - I don’t think they ever helped me in getting FB anyway…


Yeah that is what we on that thread thought. Not worth the effort. So use some nice holiday sticker or something tasteful.