Pennsylvania automatic marketplace sales tax - starts 4/1


Just noticed this on the Amazon page
Marketplace Tax Collection FAQ

Be prepared for Pennsylvania to join Washington in marketplace tax collection for all FBM and FBA sales starting 4/1/18.


Pennsylvania marketplace sales tax


It would make it so much easier on all sellers if Amazon would just do this for all states.


…provided sellers don’t need to file quarterly sales tax for those states.


Way to go… just 50 more states to go!


Works for me, way smarter than having all us file our own returns for those states. (if it ever came to that)



These agreements Amazon is entering into with individual states has no bearing, whatsoever, on our businesses.



We have 52 states?


lol… i annexed few in my head


Must have added Puerto Rico and Guam


Yes… As much as we all hate taxes… This is the easiest way to do it!


So, NY and PA are the only states we currently collect sales tax and file ourselves. Would this change mean I don’t need to collect and report sales tax for PA from Amazon anymore?


This is my question. We have nexus in PA, so does that mean I now don’t have to worry about reporting the tax?

Amazon Will Automatically Collect Pennsylvania Sales Tax April 1

Yes it does, they charge you a fee in every transaction to collect the sales tax for each relevant sale.


So I pay sales tax in PA now, I take it to mean this is for FBA sales tax collection in PA? Maybe someone knows? It seems to me as long as I have the SUT cert.I would still pay sales tax from FBM


Northern California and Eastern New York?


I assume it will work like Washington. Your sales on other channels will still need to be collected/reported, but after 4/1 amazon will collect and remit both FBM and FBA sales to Penn customers. You will still need to continue to file even if all your sales are Amazon and it drops to 0.


You won’t be able to collect sales tax in PA after 4/1 on Amazon.


@sellsome Way to go… just 50 more states to go!

That would be 43, five of our great states do not have sales tax.

“Live Free or Die” we don’t even have income tax.


No. These agreements do not alleviate your obligation to the State of Pennsylvania.

You will still have to do the calculations, and report.



Where’d you read that?