Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


Thank you for your continued partnership during this difficult and unprecedented time. In early April, we announced that we had paused account suspensions for order performance issues through May 15. This included the Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Order Defect Rate performance metrics. We made this decision after hearing from many of you about supply chain and fulfillment difficulties you were having and in order to protect your account health. We are writing to announce an additional two week extension of our pause on account suspensions for order performance issues, through May 31.

Beginning June 1, we will restart tracking and enforcing selling accounts with high cancellation rate, late shipment rate, or order defect rate per our established order performance standards. Any order performance defects showing in your Account Health page from prior to June 1 will not be used to evaluate your account health.

Going forward, to help keep your account from incurring order defects and to help create a more reliable experience for customers, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Closely monitor your inventory levels and make sure your listings accurately reflect available inventory.
  2. Ensure your default ship settings match your current fulfillment capabilities.
  3. Monitor customer inquiries received via Buyer-Seller Messaging and respond quickly – at most and within 48 hours.

Please continue to watch our COVID-19 Related Announcements article for the latest news impacting your accounts and related updates. If you have questions, please feel free to use our forums – our moderators and other experienced sellers can help answer any of your questions.

Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance
Received a negative feedback that threatens my account
Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance

This is great news but what about feedback - customers leaving negative feedback regarding late deliveries which are also circumstances beyond our control? It would be helpful if covid-19 feedback would be removed when its covid affecting service not the seller.


This is a step forward towards a flexible yet a highly progressive way of building sustainable competitive advantage. It’s easy to view things from own perspective, stay myopic and remain complacent if you are a top global company. Time and again-Amazon, you proved otherwise. Hard to wear the Seller’s lens and balance your supply chain. Win new account, capture customers and operate seamlessly during most turbulent period. This time you win our hearts.


What about SFP eligibility? We are having issues with small and light as USPS is not scanning first class packages.


So, if I understand correctly…basically everyone starts over at 0% June 1, correct?

I also assume that means if on June 2 we get a claim for a May 20 order, that it will count, correct? As opposed…to, say…if we get a claim on May 29 for a May 20 order (which apparently does not count).

Has anyone else seen a claim count on their ODR recently (like in the last month)? Are they just not counting claims on the ODR? In other words, if you had a 0% ODR and got a claim a few weeks ago, is it showing on the ODR or does it still say zero?

Kudos to Amazon, though, for this…they have handled the COVID thing with 3P sellers pretty well I think.


How will the possible onslaught of customer negative feedback related to delays in shipping etc… be dealt with for orders within the Amazon Grace period, but posted after June 1st?


I’ll never understand why buyers are permitted to leave negative feedback about the price of an item (non-essentials), AFTER they saw the price, thought it over, and STILL bought the item. They have the choice of NOT buying. But to leave a negative feedback when the price was clear, is unfair to sellers


yes im am getting killed with neg feedbacks customers are not helping in this at all ive tried to get them to remove feedbacks im a decent seller and work hard everyday at this rate my feedback is going to end my seller account


Wouldnt worry about feedback Amazon just uses it to give them an unfair advantage over 3p sellers. Problem is their copy paste employees have ruined there reputation as being a cutting edge customer instead of feedback having their desired effect. Even feedback for obvious mishandling by the warehouse and fullfillment process are being refused removal so I just ignore the entire system. I think if anything it hurts the customer experience because why care about customer satisfaction when Amazon doesnt. Vast majority of neg feedback could be prevented by a better message system, but most customers dont even know about how to contact the seller.

On the other larger marketplace I have maintained 100 percent positive with thousands of sales because when issues do occur we are allowed to assist our customers and they know how to find the message button.

Here Amazon rates 2 negative fb out of 4000 sales this month as 97 percent positive. It isnt actual math it is slander in order to keep 3rd party sellers from competing against amazons own items.


This is a nightmare. We are a small gallery that has had to shut down our physical space for two months due to this crisis, making Amazon a new necessity for us to put food on the table and keep our business afloat.

After 16 years selling our published books on Amazon, we had one customer complaint for wanting to return a book they had opened from shrink wrap and damaged, and we refused to give them a refund, and now Amazon has stopped letting us collect money due to this change.

We wanted to believe that Amazon would at least have the decency to our small businesses to give us money from recent sales, but their support has been atrocious and now they are postponing any ability for us to get money with this announcement.


The “never satisfied” shopper knows they rule the feedback forum and they wield it like a bat to try and get what they want for free.
If Amazon simply counted a no feedback after 60 days as a positive (no news is good news, right), it would drown out the negative nancy’s and give the customer a true perspective of how good a seller we are/ aren’t.
Heck, just publish the entire “account health” breakdown to any customer if what we are trying to do is give a snapshot to the customer of how we perform.
Been doing this for over a decade and the number of negative and nasty customers the past couple of months is ridiculous.


They are currently showing. I have orders that have created negative metrics for On-Time Delivery (Just one order), Prefulfillment Cancellation Rate (4? orders), and Voice of the Consumer (2 orders).

That last one was caused by two fraudulent “Damaged” returns for the same microphone (one of whom I refunded in full, the other at 80% before realizing that the mics were used and broken).

This prompted Amazon to give me a warning Notification and put a waiting period on my payments, to 7 days after delivery (Side Tangent: which is completely divorced from the reality of the situation. I have sold all of 8 of these mics on Amazon this year and maybe 2 in the previous pay period, the customers were refunded in accordance with policy, etc. What legitimate reason prompted them to use this as an excuse to hold funds then? Oh yeah. Amazon reported in the news that very day that their expenses had gone up 30% during COVID = They need cash flow. Sounds legit to them).

That change reduced my last pay period to 10% of what would have been the payable balance. It also changed how many orders Amazon was steering my way, because I went from getting upwards of 26% of the buy box down to my current 3%; my sales tanked overnight.

I realize that there are lots of other reasons that everyones sales tanked these past three weeks, but in the next two weeks that followed the change notification I did about as much in sales as that 10% payment.

All of the above being said, I am not crying. As so many people have said, don’t put all your eggs in the Amazon basket because this basket tends to break a lot. I have been in business long enough to handle and expect the ups and downs of cash flow, even at critical times such as the month I am experiencing.

I applaud Amazon for having added another two weeks to the suspension-free period. It is unfortunate that they did not stop suspensions earlier, and they have not done everything else right by us during this unprecedented and stressful time either, but compared to many other companies and especially our federal government they are doing stellar by 3P Sellers.


We have to agree with your comment here. Out of nearly 2700 sales we had 8 negatives which drove our feedback score down in to the 60’s. We don’t solicit feedback and who takes the time to leave positive anyway? A rare few. The triggered folks and scammers are the ones that use it like extortionists. We do our best, respond to every message and feedback and let the chips fall where they may. It just is not worth the brain damage anymore to try and maintain a high feedback score because the only way to do it is to cave in to their demands and what does that do in the long run? It just emboldens them to do it to the next reseller.
By allowing these unscrupulous customers to get away with this, Amazon (in our opinion) is creating a horde of vicious crown wearers with unrealistic expectations that one day (if Karma is still alive) will turn on them and leave their picked over carcass on the side of the road.


As I pointed out in my comment, I think this is more about Amazon needing cash flow then it is an actual performance problem on your part. It is the same reason why velocity reviews always seem to appear for so many sellers at once.


Buyers are now aware of what type of feedback amazon will remove so they’ll complain to you
about slow delivery and demand refund and then leave feedback about slow shipping and packaging so that the bad review will stay on
They know amazon won’t remove it because it wasn’t only about the postal service


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I’m guessing that’s the problem


We’ve had a high incident of bad addresses (packages returned to sender) . Picked up our first negative which Amazon refused to remove. Even with great sales we essentially got only 2-3 feedback and we sit at 93% versus 98% before this started

How about Amazon posting positive feedback for all successful transactions from March-May? Just 5 stars no comments needed. This along with a credit of seller fees would be a massive boost and shows Amazon cares about small sellers.The e-site has made a lot of changes after input, what is Amazon doing with seller fees?


I am talking about ODR…not the other things.


I’m sorry that happened to you but unfortunately Amazon does not allow a seller to refuse to refund a customer. I highly recommend checking out the seller forums for more information on this issue.