Now brand owners can address critical reviews


Drive brand loyalty and customer engagement by responding to customer reviews with three or less stars. Brand owners can reach out to customers who have left critical reviews on their products with courtesy refunds or provide support directly through the Customer Reviews feature in Seller Central. Customer Reviews is available to brand owners under Brands tab on Seller Central.

Only a primary account holder can access Customer Reviews. If you are a secondary account user, reach out to the primary account holder to request permissions though Settings > User Permissions > Manage Permissions > Advertising > Customer Reviews.

To learn more about the Customer Reviews, go to our How to use the Customer Reviews tool.

For more information, go to Customer Reviews.

Sad about the 1st review (but a 1 star review) i have ever got
Quick Tip: Customer Review Tool for Brands

Not partial but a full refund, according to the link above.

Just wait till this news reaches those YouTubers or Facebook groups that teach people how to get free products on Amazon…:woman_facepalming:


Courtesy refunds ?!?? You’re kidding me, right? A FULL refund for the cherry on top. :man_facepalming:


We’ve been using this feature for months, whats funny is you can pinpoint the paid fake reviews by a long shot with this feature, and I am going to tell you how. We will always send the boiler plate email that amazon allows with this feature to the customers who give 3 stars or less which offers to fix the issue they are having with the product or offer a full refund.

In the plainly obvious fake paid reviews the person won’t answer at all because they know what they did was malicious. If a genuine customer was having difficulty with a product and the company who manufactures and sells it reaches out to help them with it why else would they not answer at all? Guilty Conscious says it all.


This is what happens when a company does not spend their money on refunds.


Right!?! I already have one that got a replacement and a refund and left one star and comments that’s incorrect regarding my product and has opted out of communication so I can’t even correct them that the seams are not split it’s intentional opening I’m so aggravated


I am not sure I understand correctly.

We only sell our own custom designed branded products.

We take pride in our products. We only ship what met our high quality standards.

Most, maybe all neg ratings are by customers who did not read what they order. (Item is too heavy and too large. But description says heavy duty extra large.)

Or were meant for a product we do not sell. (Oil leaking all over the box. But we do not sell oil or any liquid…)

We would accommodate any buyer who wants to return something that does not suit their needs. Etc…

But why on earth should we refund a customer who never contacted us and already left an unfair negative review?



That is going to be a new TikTok trend


We’ve been able to contact customers who left reviews for quite some time… Bring back the feature where we can reply to reviews publicly. Please and thanks!


I was thinking all right. A way to combat all the fake and bad reviews.

How can five people buy one of our seed variety, plant them and have no problems. But then there is one who will have a problem.

And then I read Amazon wants me to give them a refund.

Heck, I will post a bad review just so I can get a refund.

Who thinks this stuff up?


:thinking: Temperature? Water? Radiation Fallout/Exposure…

So many possibilities…


So they went out of their way to write a review, but won’t respond to a message from the manufacturer when they want to help fix their issue… Makes sense in a monkeys world I guess. Pun intended…


This is a good feature for improving customer service, while protecting customers from abusive sellers.

But please bring back comments on reviews. This let’s customers engage with the community and resolve questions. There is low risk of seller abuse. It lets sellers respond to confusing and misleading reviews.


I prefer the option to post a PUBLIC reply on product reviews exactly as we have on feedback. I know we could reply in the past and it was discontinued, but the reply was hidden. That was useless. The way that we have available on feedback would be fair for brand owners to fight back against fake or malicious product reviews. We deserve the right to give a proper answer. Customers are not always right.
We must stop spoiling bad behavior. Amazon will create the worst customers this way.

One last note: I can’t see buyers that let 1 star review and no comment.


What have we been given back? I’m still trying to figure out how is this any different than what brand owners have had for almost the past year. We’ve been able to reply to a customer (if they haven’t opted out of communication) and either A) offer a refund or B) send a pre-written by Amazon boilerplate that basically says “I’m sorry how can I make this better?” for some time now.

I feel like this was a recycled news notice from October of last year and wish they’d use this news feature for items that really are news:

October 11, 2021

New Contact Customer feature for brand owners

Great brand owners provide exceptional customer service, especially in situations where the customer is unhappy or disappointed. We’re excited to launch a new communication tool that gives you the ability to contact customers after they leave a 1, 2, or 3-star product review. Now, you can choose what level of support you want to offer your customers by either offering a full refund or requesting additional information on their orders to help resolve their issues.

As a brand owner, you can access this new tool by going to Seller Central and clicking Customer Reviews under the Brands tab. You can view all reviews that have been left on any of your products, and filter by star rating or brand. The new Contact Customer feature is enabled for qualifying critical product reviews.

Note that sellers aren’t allowed to ask for a customer’s personal information, including email or phone number, and customers aren’t expected to change their reviews due to this outreach or any potential resolution.


tbh its about time. The fraudulent amount of returns is crazy…


I have a 1 star review where the customer states that the chain broke on her necklace but when she tried to get a refund or replacement, no one would help her. This was an FBA order, so she should’ve gotten a refund easily. I have no way of communicating with this buyer to find out what happened. Really ridiculous that we can’t help these buyers with issues they have with products and/or buying experiences! They want to be heard and with us not being able to respond, they think no one is listening!


Most Amazon customers don’t even know the message center exists, and if they know about it they assume they’re talking to Amazon directly.

I send about 30,000 messages a month and have an open rate of less than 10%. My review rate is around 2% which seems to be standard on Amazon.
Do you track the stats of your emails? If so, what is your volume & open rate?

I’ve used this tool myself and offered about 100 refunds. I had around 10 customers accept the full refund, and 0 of them changed their review or even updated to reflect that I gave them a full refund.

Maybe Amazon should step in here and add a flag next to the review if the seller has fully refunded. Kind of like how they show “verified purchase”, show “Fully refunded by seller” or something?


eeeeek you’re still spamming customers for every single order they place? You are part of the major problem my friend, and why Amazon for years has been struggling to come up with a way to fix this issue of customers ignoring Amazon originated emails.



Please stop giving returnless refunds. It encourages bad customer behavior/scams and screws other sellers. As you noted - it doesn’t even help the feedback issue.