New tool to help professional sellers monitor account health


We are excited to announce the launch of the Account Health Rating (AHR), a new feature that displays on the Account Health page for professional sellers worldwide. The AHR helps you monitor your account health based on adherence to Amazon’s selling policies, helping you to proactively address policy violations and avoid disruption to your business. To learn more about the AHR, please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the Account Health Rating?

The Account Health Rating (AHR) is a new feature that helps you monitor your account health based on your adherence to Amazon’s selling policies. It takes into account factors such as the number of unresolved policy violations on your account at any given time, the relative severity of those violations, and the extent to which you positively impact the customer experience via your selling activities. This rating does not change Amazon’s existing selling policies and will continue to be refined over time. To maintain 'Good' account health, please address all policy violations in a timely manner. If your AHR is 'At Risk' or 'Critical', your account may be at risk of deactivation. Some selling policies are not reflected in it; please ensure overall compliance with our terms, policies, and applicable laws to avoid account deactivation, independent of your AHR.

2. Which violations does the AHR include?

AHR aggregates many policy violations that may result in account-level deactivation if left unaddressed, which you can find listed on your Account Health page.

3. How do I improve my AHR?

You can improve your rating by addressing the violations listed on your Account Health page by either successfully appealing them or editing your listings to ensure they are compliant with Amazon’s selling policies. Listing violations are not removed from the Account Health page if you change the listing's status (e.g. by closing or deleting the listing from your inventory), but do not successfully resolve the violation itself.

4. Does a 'Good' AHR mean my account won’t be deactivated?

The AHR includes all policy violations that may result in account-level deactivation if left unaddressed. However, if we find evidence of non-compliance with our contractual terms, local laws, regulations, tax requirements, or any activity that is otherwise illegal, fraudulent, or puts customers at risk, seller accounts are subject to deactivation, independent of the AHR.

5. Why is my AHR ‘at risk’ if I’ve already addressed violations on my Account Health page?

Once we confirm that violations have been addressed, your AHR will update within 24-48 hours.

6. If my AHR is 'at risk', does that mean my account will be deactivated?

If your AHR says your account is 'at risk', we encourage you to address the violations on your Account Health page in a timely manner in order to prevent unnecessary disruption to your selling account.

7. When will violations be removed from my Account Health page?

Violations are removed from the Account Health page in scenarios such as:

  • You successfully appeal and we confirm that the listing enforcement action was taken in error
  • Rights owner retracts an intellectual property complaint

8. How do I address policy warnings where there isn't a next step listed?

In some cases, your Account Health page will show you policy warnings. The best way to address a policy warning is to cease the behavior described in the warning message. Policy warnings are removed from your Account Health page after 180 days.

^ ASIN have been affected and my account is at risk. What should I do?
New tool to help professional sellers monitor account health

An update this week that didn’t give me anxiety. Week’s looking up


Collective sigh of relief after reading another Announcement for this week.


P.S. all negative feedback result in 30 day review
j/k :wink:


What would really help is something I suggested back in march. A flag or red 1 on the main Seller Central landing page.

Until recently we did have some sort of flag.


What I proposed was something by the “Performance” tab to notify sellers of changes.


This bar isn’t all the much help in my opinion. By the time you see it you already can see the issues on the Account Health Dashboard.


Performance notifications flag is not working on .COM, or at least for our account, at this time.

Additionally, we have successfully appealed a policy violation and the violation has not been removed from the account in over a week.

We like the new AHR feature but we are requesting that the other facets of change within this FAQ be reviewed as well.


If you have an Appeal button that leads to this:


after the listing became active again without an appeal, should an appeal still be made? Why?


I see the word Professional. Does this New Tool not work for Individual?


What about when you receive restricted product violations for PPE items that Amazon has approved you for via the new listings creation form (

We were approved to sell the products we applied for in this form but still get restricted product policy violations after listing them. We are at 64 now and I’m hesitant to list more because I am not sure if Amazon actually knows that they have approved us because there is no interdepartmental communication. I have contacted seller support and the account health team and they don’t ever seem sure of the answers they provide.


Just wondering when Amazon will create an internal FBA performance to receive and scan boxes in a timely manner. Example: You send a box with 30 units, someone at FBA center open the box, scan only 8 items and status stays like this for many days…doesn’t make any sense. Even worse…they receive a pallet with 20 boxes, they open 2 or 3 boxes, they scan just a few items and leave the boxes and the pallet standing by for days or weeks. Meanwhile you run out of stock, you loose ranking and you are penalized with IPI going down dramatically.


I always check my account health!


Just great. This in a week where I received Restricted Products Violation for a used biography. A book! On a listing I did not create and which is still active for other sellers!!!
Seller Support was no help. Who has time for this nonsense? The system is bot run and broken but I should spend more time studying my account health page than I already do?

The forums are showing more and more good, long time sellers who are realizing the returns don’t justify the investment any longer and are moving elsewhere or at least beginning to diversify more seriously than before.


that’ s what iam going to say. AMAZON should really take time to create a internal FBA performance .a seller’s selling experience also significantly important …I believe majority seller facing the same issue …run out of stock … and disable to create a new shipping plan … loose ranking due to not item available for selling … that was totally disaster for all FBA buyers .


I wonder when the new “Inbound FBA performance” tool will be available, so sellers know when to not send in inventory, only to sit in a FC parking lot for 30 days or more due to FBA issues.
Also the addition of the “New Amazon Employee Percentage” so sellers can see the new wave of employees, and avoid having their clearly labeled, counted and weighed shipments, miraculously miscounted and lost on each and every shipment to an FC.
I wonder when the “FBA Outbound Performance Rating” will be displayed, so sellers can monitor the amount of late MCF orders, so they can instead change listings to MFC, and keep customers happy on other channels.
The most important change is the new “Buyer Return Ratio” that allows sellers to see the amount of returns a buyer has made in a 30/60/90 day period to better assess customer return reasons and restocking fees. This will pair nicely with the new “Buyer Review Rating” which allows sellers to leave feedback for buyers that have difficulty communicating respectfully with other human beings. All of this works well with the new “Buyer Return Reason % Accurate” tool which helps sellers see if buyers are full of malarkey when selecting the actual return reason other than “I don’t want to pay return shipping” which by default, Amazon calls “item not as described”, “defective”, and “item arrived to late (despite being on time)”.
Lastly, all sellers appreciate the rescinding of the policy to display our names and address, showing the same amount of respect for privacy that is shown to customers, and to avoid hypocrisy.

Can’t wait for this update to the Amazon platform. So excited! I hope I do not have to wake up from this dream and come back to reality zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…:slight_smile:


Are we allowed to give Amazon CS and SS “warnings” when they do not follow policy?


Like this small tool that tells me level of account health.


I have policy complaints that I appealed successfully 4 months ago and the notifications are still on my account health tab and now this new tool is saying I’m at risk…


Sometimes, they don’t go away even if they are successfully appealed. They will disappear after 180 days.

This tool is severely flawed.


Also Shipped, In-transit and Delivered shipments have been showing up on a widget as
“Stranded Inventory. You have FBA inventory without active offers” and remain in this status for several days.


I thought they would dissapear after 6 months, but recently found out that it should be a lot sooner. The account health tab does not update properly. I hope it does go away eventually, otherwise I’m not sure who to contact to address it.

that’s relieving lol