New sales-based financing to grow your business


We’re excited to announce a new sales-based financing solution designed to give eligible sellers on the Amazon store convenient access to the capital they need to grow their business.

With a merchant cash advance from Parafin, your business can receive between $500 and $10 million for a fixed capital fee with a flexible payment schedule linked to a predetermined percentage of your business’s future sales until the funding is fully paid off. There’s no interest, no personal collateral required, and no late fees.

If approved, you can use these funds to cover any type of business expense including inventory management, payroll and hiring, marketing or new product and solution development.

The program is fully digital so you can quickly complete an application online and, if approved, get funds into your account in a matter of days, if not hours.

Go to Amazon Lending to determine if a merchant cash advance is the right fit for your business and to see if you’re eligible to apply.

About Parafin

Started by a dedicated group of data scientists and engineers, Parafin is a business financing provider that was founded with the mission to grow small businesses. Amazon has partnered with Parafin to provide Amazon sellers with fast, easy access to capital, so they can make payments that match the natural ebb and flow of their business.

Parafin terms and conditions

Parafin is a business financing provider that Amazon has partnered with to offer merchant cash advances to Amazon sellers. All financing is governed by Parafin’s Capital Advance Agreement. Merchant cash offers and advances are not extensions of credit or loans and they may not be used for personal, family, or household purposes.


How are we supposed to grow our business with Amazon’s restock limits?


You nailed it!! No replies are needed!
We will be waiting for an answer.


no interest?

nothing is free, so what are the fees?


A screenshot on Parafin website shows a repayment rate of 12% of daily sales (not net proceeds). Pretty nasty as expected


How do we grow our business when you are always attacking listings because of suspect nonsense. How can we grow business with the most incompetent of all support on this entire planet the “So Called Amazon Seller Support”. How do we make money when you always taking listings down due to pricing errors at the same time You Amazon with conspiring partners in crime UPS/USPS magically up prices and fees during the holidays, yet you expect us to sell at lower prices. So its OK for everyone else to raise prices due to inflation costs except the small business sellers that sell to make a living selling on Amazon. You just keep beating us down every chance you get! When you need to take theses lending financing you may want to rethink entire business and likely best to look at selling items across the more seller friendly platforms but hey we are only here to bow down to the great “JEFF” and all of our blood sweat and tears is only for Amazon profit.


Why is that nasty? That’s just forcing you to repay the “loan” when you sell the inventory you bought with the money, etc.

The nasty part is how much the fee to “borrow” this money is going to be considering there is no set timeline for how long it will take to repay it since the length of the “loan” is based on your sales volume. Do well and you are paying the equivalent of a really high “interest rate”, do poor for long enough and you end up getting a decent “interest rate”.

As they say it’s not a “loan” but a capital advance which I assume is just a way to reduce their risk to push in front of any other creditors you may have. It also lets them try to market it to you in whimsical terms like they only get paid when you get paid, there is no interest, etc, etc. That just means if you do well they can earn rates that would be considered usury without you even realizing it.

Does anyone have this available and can you see what percent fee they are charging and how long would you expect 12% of your sales to repay it?


Isnt whats been going on for years just new way of calling it making it sound like its new are sales really that down Amazon is scrounging fees up wherever they can? To me the risk taking this souless money to buy products to hopefully sell on Amazon is just way to high. Maybe its worth it if you need that new hot rod, boat, guns, race horse some pleasure but it is to high of a risk to think of using this money to buy items to sell on Amazon. Remember they track all data and love to compete against 3p sellers…No Thanks… Good Luck EH.




Are they making you sell on Amazon?


Are they making you sell on Amazon?


Is anyone even seeing the option to apply with Parafin? I’m not seeing it. I only have options from Marcus and Amazon Lending.




I see the option down at the bottom under Merchant Cash Advance MCA, but since I’m not currently approved I can’t see the fee. However, on the Parafin site they show an example, and it is something over 10%. “No interest” but if you pay it off over a year it is easy to see it is actually “high interest.” More if you pay it quicker.


I used it, and I’m thankful for it. But unfortunately, the account Level Reserve is killing my business’s growth.

All my products are FBA.


We cannot grow business with Amazon as they are reducing weeks to cover down to 2 weeks. Unlimited marketing spend does nothing. Is this just due to Q4 reorganizing within Amazon and closures of many facilities?


We relieved and delighted that our inventory limits were lifted as October 1, 2022. Then- SLAM THE DOORS WERE SHUT. Due the lengthy transit times for shipments we will be forced to reduce ad spend in order to preserve inventory so we do not run out of stock. Lost sales, lost revenue for all parties. .


Sure, if I had a huge warehouse, wanted to not get the buy box, and make less profit per item sold.


Why does EVERYONE seem to think fbm is so bad. I’m 100% FBM and I’m doing pretty good. Plus my customer service is wsy better than Amazon


I don’t see it as either/or. I use a blend of the two, with more FBM than FBA. The FBA, though produces far more revenue at lower cost. I sell a lot of very light items that sell for under $10, and the small-and-light program means the FBA fee is lower than any possible shipping cost for me, FBM. In fact, I sell most of the 9.99 items FBA and 11.99 FBM, with nearly identical margins.

Similar things happen at the opposite end. When I have a 7 lb item that isn’t overly large there is no way I can ship it for the cost combination of FBA fees and the ridiculously low cost to ship to Amazon. Now if they would ever let us use their inbound shipping rates to send to customers it would be a different story!