New promotion type: 7-Day Deals


A 7-Day Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for up to 7 days on the Amazon Deals page. 7-Day Deals will also receive a “Limited time deal” badge in search results, driving more visibility to your deal and brand. You can create both 7-Day Deals and Lightning Deals on eligible products in the Deals Dashboard in Seller Central.

There is a base merchandizing fee for every 7-Day Deal you run. You can find the fee amount on the Deal Details page in the Deals Dashboard. For more information on Deals, please refer to our Deal Help Pages.

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This along with “outlet deals” are great but it is no use to us if you guys decide which items get chosen. These deals are created to help sellers get rid of excess Inventory but we can’t do anything because Amazon gets to decide when some of our products get picked. Pretty bummed out about that. I would like to take advantage of these promotions available but can’t.


I doubt that items are cherry picked. The algorithm tool that they have is powerful. I run my business by it, and it proves itself to me time and time again. I have a quite modest inventory level, but still have sales almost every day. It’s growing consistently, and almost predictably.

I’m thrilled to see this new development, and if it meets with my modest sense approval, I’ll give it a whirl.

2% of your budget should go to advertising; again, modest means.


You select the ASIN from eligible Asins. They do have a review criteria, so products under 3 stars are ineligible but you pay per ASIN that you select. This isn’t the old algorithm because 100% of my products appear to be eligible for both the 7 day and lightning deals.


The $150 (lightning deal) $300 (7 day deal) price does seem high especially for services that were free. Amazon has also promised even higher prices for peek selling months/days.


Many of my products appear eligible for Lightning Deals, but none are showing for 7-day deals. Might that be because this program is still rolling out?


All my products are eligible but “outlet deals” and “7 days” none of my items show, only lightning and I just don’t feel like paying $150 bucks for that…now I didnt see any fees with the 7 days deal…are there some?


Mine show $300 per ASIN . I’ve done these deals in the past just not sure $300 plus the cut in revenue due to having to discount by 20% is worth it after my past experiences.

I suppose for new products it may help them gain traction for ranking. Scared to see what it will cost to run a deal in December :cry: . I’m in Handmade, so bulk quantity isn’t my game and most my products are $20 or less. Gotta sell a ton at a discount to make $300.


Handmade here too. ( waving) :smiley:


I’m in handmade too. Maybe someday they’ll roll out a deal for us. I doubt many of us are selling the hundreds of units a day it would take to make something like this worth it.


I just read through what I thought might have assisted me as a New Seller on Amazon To the contrary I am not even eligible!!!
I have my doubts about Amazon and staying on this platform of e-commerce. I advertise and sponsor ads, have lowered pricing and am still not very visible amongst the lesser quality products on Amazon.
I have a Branded Registry store as well.
I am very disappointed with the results and am seriously considering leaving




Trying to decipher your emoji’s :grinning:


Ditto :grinning:


It takes time, you have to really see the value in Amazon. One of the biggest platforms out there. How is your SEO? have you sent your products to FBA? there are many variables. Are you selling the Marketplace or Handmade?


I’m with handmade as well, just looking for ways to make things come together. I’m adding to this post, because I didn’t see other posts that had already been made before I posted mine. I’m actually happy with Handmade. The site I left before was very confusing, and even though I had all this 24/7 live support, yada yada yada, I went 18 months without selling anything. I’ve been here two months I think, and I’m very happy with the few sales that have come round. I’m hoping to have a long and fruitful relationship with Amazon myself. Having said that, there were others with the site that I left that were doing amazing. Not every site is for everyone. I’m pretty excited to be here.


Still charge a lot of money. I don’t think it’s a good news! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi and thanks for responding to my comment
To give you a bit of information and hopefully answer your questions, my products are Branded here on Amazon and Aging Younger is a Registered Trademark with USPTO

Yes we are fulfilling with FBA. We have a storefront.
A local person here in Florida saw the value in our products and asked to be our Brand Manager and manage the Amazon account as well as well on his own marketplace. I believe that the level of knowledge on his behalf was not what he led us to believe. Hence, our products are not getting the exposure I thought they would
Do you have any other suggestions? At this point we are at the point of loosing money not even breaking even.
Such is life at Amazon, at this moment I do not see the value.


I forgot to ask in my previous reply, what is Handmade?


I hear ya brutha