New product types and attributes available


We now have more than 100 new product types and attributes available to improve your product detail pages. To view what product types and attributes were launched, please refer to Product type and attributes.

When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types when classifying your product in the Add a product tool in Seller Central. You can also see the product types when you select the appropriate template to download on Add a product via upload.

These changes will not affect your existing selection but you can provide these additional attributes by editing your products via Manage Inventory or by updating your listings in bulk.

Asking for approval for item in totally different category

:woman_facepalming: Well, according to ASIN Product Type

…so Sellers, be aware and pay attention! :grimacing::face_with_monocle:


Old news!

In October, 2020, Amazon launched new Product Types and added relevant attributes in the listing experience to improve your product detail pages.


Why, oh why, does Amazon always want to create issues for sellers in Q4?

Seriously, what do you think is going to happen (as @papyrophilia mentions above) when Amazon decides to “automatically” re-classify? And why is there no date given?

While the change is old news it seems we not have 100 new PT’s. There comes the issues.

Just for readers info …

PT is not the same as the Category, so don’t get confused. This is more like the Item_Type_Keyword (basically is the same). Also, this is something you already use when creating a new to Amazon product. Now though the search is a little better, and we have 100 more to choose from…

Example of a search I did just to test.


Amazon started reclassifying our products In Feb and it has been an absolute nightmare. we have had over 150 cases filed on 1,000’s of products. When they reclassify, it no longer allows us to make proper changes, removes the brand registry data from the catalog, and create a complete mess with variations as they reclassify one variation, but not another, then when you try to change either the old or new, it results in catalog conflicts. Would be really nice after 10 months if they could tell us how to fix this mess. I have some products that should be in team sports apparel and they got reclassified to cellular phone cases and 30 support cases later I have yet to get it to change correctly.


We are in the same boat. They reclassified our product type from Heath Personal Care to SOCKS which is an apparel category that automatically normalizes size names and variations. Now all our variations are broken and size names locked. Some child ASINs are in SOCKS and some in HEALHT PERSONAL CARE. A nightmare that seemly has no resolution.


And don’t forget that reclassification in error can also result in excess fees (we had a ton of furniture items > $200 reclassified as all sorts of whack stuff), which can cost more in man-hours to recover than their sizable dollar amounts. Amazon: failing upward.


We’ve had the same problem! Picture frames re-classified as auto license plate frames and then we were blocked from editing since we’re not authorized in that category. Keep opening cases with seller central. It took months but eventually got ours switched back to the correct category. I also had to delete my parent ASIN and create a new one to relink the child ASINs.


We also were somewhat successful with a few items, just to have them reclassified again days-weeks later. now we are unable to edit these items which has completely created a horrible experience for the buyer and seller. unfortunately, we have reached just about every department at amazon and nobody can fix this. captive team, catalog team, escalation department, even a response from Jeff@ and none resulted in fixes.

we have over 1,000 ASIN with this issue right now, not sure what to do…


Managing listings on Amazon would be so much easier if they didn’t keep making changes like these that then affect existing listings. I’ve lost a lot of listings and reviews over the past several years from updates likes these.


I believe I’m having the same issue as you or similar. My products are socks that are categorized under health and personal care since they are specialty socks that are suitable for people for certain medical conditions. A couple months ago I noticed some of my product variations were showing up with size description “pack of 1” instead of their proper size description given when I created the listings such as “8-11, 14-16” etc.

I never received any notification feom amazon that they made these changes. I just noticed my sales had slowed down so I decided to check the listings to see if anything was off. My sales took a hit most likely because this sizing information was confusing to customers. I opened a couple cases and eventually Amazon reversed the changes but it seems they are is back at it again since I received an email last week informing me they have made changes to the listings once again.


For anyone coming here in the future looking to debug an issue, here is another problem: the reclassification is market-place specific. If you use BIL, and end up with an item_type conflict, then not only will the items not sync, but you will get a suppressed listing in the source market (in my case, USA), with an error message (e.g. inappropriate characters in title) that doesn’t reflect the actual problem (which can’t be solved from the seller side). Being able to tell support that there’s an item_type clash raises your chances of un-suppressing your listing from 0% to about 25%. Good luck out there.


Sure, let me jump through all of these hoops only to have my listings and reviews hijacked the next day. Amazon is a pathetic joke.