New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


To simplify your financial experience, you can find key information from all your account types on a single page on the new Payments dashboard.

You can access the Payments Dashboard by selecting Payments under the Reports tab. You can learn more about the dashboard through the Take Tour link.

At the top of the page, you can see your Total Balance and Funds Available for disbursement. Select the Account Type and Settlement Period to see components that make up your Total Balance. This includes categories like Sales, Refunds, Expenses, and Account Reserves.

For additional analysis, you will continue to have access to transactions through the Transaction View tab. You can download detailed financial reports through the All Statements and Date Range Report tabs.

New Statement View - Payments Dashboard
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Amazon email? anyone get it

Congratulations, Amazon made the page “pretty” …

  • “Pretty” unintuitive
  • “Pretty” uninformative
  • “Pretty” useless

But, other than that … Nice Job!


The short response - I don’t like this.

The shorter response:


Hope it didn’t cost too much for the pretty pictures. It’s OK I guess. I never had trouble figuring out this info before though. Shining a shiny pot is easy.


I have repeatedly given bad feedback reports on this thing. All I usually look for is what is the next payment and what is coming over the next weeks. That feature was either eliminated or hidden very well. So it’s useless now. I prefer EBay anyway. No waiting for your money. Unless you go pro on Amazon. And pay.


Bad. No useful insights coming from the new graphics. Want the old back. This is an accounting report…please keep it simple and linear.


This is a waste of color ink for graphics and pretty designs. This is an accounting report that needs to be printed for QuickBooks entry and not for visual decoration. At least provide a “Printer-Friendly” option that is straightforward and not fancy. I disagree that this is “simplifying my financial experience”.


Made it more difficult to find any transactions that need to be brought up for reimbursement.

Good for Amazon - bad for sellers.

What a surprise.


This report is more confusing than the old and not printer friendly. Give us back the old report that we can use for book-keeping purposes. The new one is hopeless.


Well, at least this page gives their 100+ Indian engineers something to do for 6 months…


I HATE this new page bring back the old page.
I find this page complex and with lack of information.
Bring back the old back this does not show every thing the other page did.


Well that will take a bit of time getting used to. Not sure about others but right now there is a lot to worry about already that’s draining pretty much all brain power!


Useless. lipstick on amazan fintech pic… Amazon’s fintech is pitiful. Both in terms on payment/ speed/ accuracy and reporting/analyitcs for sellers. one word SAD - that one of the richest companies in the world can figure this out and is stuck in 10 years ago (at least 3 since we started).
Jeff - why dont you at least meet same capability as poshmark, sideline sawy etc. I know, people will say but its amazon and they are huge, soo many payments etc. ALL BS.


Please explain HOW this simplifies things when I can no longer click on certain fees and be taken straight to that transaction?

Oh and by the way, this supposed to be an accounts statement, not a kids coloring book!


Not a helpful change in my opinion. It’s more cluttered, less specific, and not printer friendly whatsoever. I had to search for the Euro conversion for a few minutes. Could you at a minimum add a printer friendly print option please? If we could go back to a linear option that would be even better, but at least add a print option without the graphics


I can’t speak for all Sellers, but I use the Payment Report for accounting purposes for entry into my Quickbooks. This new format removes much needed detail. I’ve never seen Amazon roll something out without still giving access to the old format. Bring it back. This new graphical interface adds no value. It was clearly designed by someone without a financial background.

If they’re committed to this new format, then at least make the subtotals clickable which would take you to the much detail needed for accounting purposes.

Not cool, Amazon. Not cool.


NOT better at all. Does anyone know how to see the next few coming payments? Or did they remove that feature? :roll_eyes:


It’s near the bottom, unhidden.


I don’t see it either


It’s on seller central, right side.