Negative Inventory Receipts


I have noticed mods have made an increased effort as of late to assist, so I figured now may be the best time to get an answer to this question, as well as educate other sellers of a common problem managing FBA inventory and a common receiving issue when they think Amazon has lost inbound inventory.

Mods, please get one of your fellow Amazonians from the appropriate silo, to explain to sellers why negative receiving is used to move items internally instead of using transfers. See below…
@SEAmod, @Quincy_Amazon, @CR_Amazon, @Tiff_Amazon, @Ricardo_Amazon, @Gary_Amazon, @Wyatt_Amazon

The internal use of this movement, causes sellers to see their received inventory diminish in the Manage FBA Shipments GUI, thinking their items were never checked in on their shipment. It also prevents sellers from seeing their on hand inventory via the reserved line.

In our example above, we had 0 inventory prior to July 11, then 48 received, but looking at the Manage FBA Shipments page it looks like this now 10 days later.

This causes confusion for sellers, as to if product was received, and makes managing inventory impossible when inventory is not correctly visible to sellers in the Manage FBA Inventory page as it does not show up in reserved when negative receiving is used. Please explain what tools can be used to mitigate this confusion, that sellers rely on for inventory management, and what purpose it serves to use negative receiving to internally move inventory around the platform, as the inventory almost always simply appears at another destination later on.

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Thank you, @Cowards_Won_NSFE, for the acknowledgement, and for surfacing this issue for a broader discussion and investigation.

I will troubleshoot the example provided within this thread, and use that context to get more clarity or a solution from our FBA team.

I understand this topic has been discussed widely within the community, so I welcome other sellers to share their similar experiences so that we can gather additional insights.

Thank you,

Amazon Losing or Stealing Inventory - Which is it?

Hi, i have the same problem with some items. The units are received in the warehouse.

Later amazon create a warehouse transfer. And then the units are lost during the transfer between the warehouses.
For example:
06-01-2022 / MDW2 + 96 Receipts
06-01-2022 / MDW2 - 48 FCTransfer
06-01-2022 / ORD5 + 48 FCTransfer
06-05-2022 / ORD5 - 11 Receipts
And the customer service wrote…
…concerned about has been marked as “Shipment Counted and Confirmed”.
Thank you,


That is because they were exactly "Shipment Counted and Confirmed” and you even admitted it right here.

There are two different process’ and time frames for lost in receiving, versus lost in transfer/warehouse. You are using the wrong tool for the job. Amazon will not look into lost inventory after receipt for at least 45-60 days so you are wasting your time looking at movements over 5 days.


i can’t do this job everyday.
Amazon close the shipment ca. 45 days after receiving.
And than i am able to reconcile the shipment with amazon. Not earlier.
But in this case, it was not possible about the reconcile tab, because: "Shipment Counted and Confirmed”.
Amazon lost units during transfers but they cannot find any currently actionable Amazon fulfillment center lost events related to this product.
But amazon lost them…


Sorry but everything you said does not match how things work. There are different procedures for different issues.

This has nothing to do with shipments closing, or items receiving or not. You are comparing apples and hammers. Your screenshot shows transactions less than 45 days old. You need to have patience, and wait the requisite amount of time for transfers, or Amazon will blow you off. You also need to be able to tell the difference between not received and lost in transfer as they are not the same process for reimbursement.


Greetings @Gary_Amazon ,

I was wondering if you found someone in the appropriate department for this question from a few weeks ago?


Gary, it’s been about a month, and we’re still waiting for an answer. I have negative inventory receipts on my inventory ledger, and these are not accounted for in the “In Transit Between Warehouses” column. Where is my inventory?


Good morning, @Cowards_Won_NSFE.

I just want to be honest and transparent–I dropped the ball. There is no excuse that could justify the delay. I truly apologize for keeping you in the dark by not communicating.

I’ve been engaging with our Category Owners this morning to get more information on how you (and others) can manage inventory effectively during the warehouse transfers. So that contacts to Seller Support are reduced.

I have made this issue my top priority, and will be in touch.

❌ Clarity needed on the "Clarity Around Display of your Business Name on your Profile in the NSFE" @Wyatt_Amazon


Thank you for replying. Can you share your Case ID, so I can add your example to the escalation details?


Shame on me…I missed your thread…
I’m pretty good at finding lost/negative items.
But there are limitations to what sellers (and amazon) can do.
The received inventory report identifies the items/shipments by FBA Shipment ID.
This report identifies also the source of the missing/negative quantity.
So far, it’s easy.
The problem is if later on amazon locates the items, either adds to the inventory or reimburses the sellers.
At this point, the seller does not know the source, when, and why these items appeared in our account.
I assume that in many cases amazon also does not why an item was found where it should not be in the first place.
Not every thing has an explanation and can be traced.


I appreciate your reply. My purpose was to get an answer that I can share with all the sellers that repeatedly come on the forums stating things like…
“Amazon stole my inventory, because I sent in a case of 10 and it says only 0 were received, and when I reconcile it says (shipment contents counted and confirmed)”
When I tell them to look at their reports, they still see a negative receiving for the item. I am inquiring as to why a negative receipt is used like in this example.

I do my best to tell sellers to utilize the reports, but when they ask why there is a negative receipt, I cannot answer them with more than a guess.

I know to rely on the reports and how to find things, but I do not have a robust response when telling others why they are misinformed regularly on the Manage FBA Shipments page. This does not happen when Amazon uses “WhseTransfers” instead of “Receipts”.

I am getting tired of the pushback from less-than-competent sellers, with a burning desire to become martyrs of Amazon theft.


Integrity is far more important than timeliness the majority of the time :slight_smile: Nothing is missing in my case, so I will gladly take the integrity on this one.

I am just looking to provide a accurate answer to those out there who believe Amazon FBA workers lost/stole their inventory, because they see something like this on the Manage FBA Shipments page.


Sellers who use reports know the inventory is there, but newer sellers and older incompetent sellers don’t even know what a report is.

Here is a perfect example.

Here we have a new seller concerned with what they see on the GUI, and an incompetent seller telling them their stuff is stolen.

AMZ Saying box was empty

This occurs few days after the shipment was received, and it means that the items are shipped to other fc’s…and few days after this…this quantity should be received (receipt) in the new FC…if the other fc marks it as negative, few possibilities…either the original FC did not ship, or the receiving FC miscounted, or they were shipped to wrong FC…and few days later, these items will reappear in the inventory but not linked to any shipment.
Of course sometimes items vanish for good.
Complicated ?


Nope, not for you or me, because you and I have experience and use reports.

This was my purpose of the question…


Thank you, @Cowards_Won_NSFE, for another example, and giving me grace to improve and own when I’ve fallen short our team’s mission. I respect the work you do in Seller Forums far too much, to write any excuse for what you experienced.

Without internalizing this more than I have–I just will be better.

The more examples the better, so THANK YOU!


An important thing is also to try and make our shipment as accurate as possible.
This is my reportcom

That for today on this issue.


It’s pretty easy to follow, isn’t it?



It is when you know where to look.

Look at these replies on that thread…

It is not uncommon for some clown to jump right to accusing others of theft, instead of just asking how things work, then some other equally inept clown will come along and tell them what they want to read.