More visibility into policy violations that could affect your account health


We are continuously improving the Account Health experience by making it easier for you to view and address all policy violations and defects affecting your account health in one place. This year, we’ve added Suspected Intellectual Property Violations, Restricted Products Policy Violations, and Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations to the Account Health experience. In the past, we communicated these issues elsewhere in Seller Central, in your Performance Notifications inbox, or via email. Please take a moment to view your Account Health and address violations and defects in a timely manner.

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This is really useful as the sellers are now able to address any issues proactively, without being suspended out of blue and have a detailed record of all Policy Violations and Product Complaints.

However, it would be good if all complaints which were already addressed and successfully appealed completely disappeared from the main “Account Health” page. Mine is showing a red warning triangle and an exclamation mark for all past complaints.


Completely agree!!! Once an item has been successfully appealed, it should be removed.

I also do not like that Amazon is logging in violations or suspected violations on listings that had been closed years before and there is no way to edit the item or know how to correct it.

I have even deleted listings and find that I receive a Policy Violation after the fact. This needs to stop and I see no rational reason why this practice even exists. What does it accomplish?


TO help us sellers pay more attention tot he recent critical issues that requires immediate attention and action, it would be best if you can remove the error warning triangles eon the successfully appealed past ones. so we don’t get used to that triangle warning and ignore it by mistake once. your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


these violations occur out of the blue there is no way to prevent them. how exactly do you prevent suspected violation if the item is not reviewed by the original rights holder and btw the item is then deleted (dog page) so no evidence of any crime just some random bot that doesn’t have the rights to the intellectual property. This is a kin to a random reporting you for fun.


Violations of products that are not in stock & have not sold for over 2 years? How is that a violation


Most violations are out of stock or inventory havent sold in years…that is helpful, right!!


Exactly, i got 29 suspected violations on listings that have been inactive since 2014/2016 .Better yet…26 of these listings were deleted long time ago.Nothing offered for sale or sold since 2016.


statute of limitations for ip infringement civil suits is three years in most cases. So since Amazon would have zero liability for IP infringement before 2016, and therefore should not apply violations for products sold before 5/1/2016.

Source 17 U.S.C. §507


I got one suspected violation for a single product I sold in 2012, and never got back in stock. I deleted the listing when I saw it in Account Health almost a month ago, but the black mark is still there. Annoying


But, question begs, does Amazon have a statue of limitations? I’d bet dollars to doughnuts they do not.


We have a persistent problem, where when we have complaints removed through the correct process we still have them showing up and blocked.


I find that most “copyright infringement” complaints are from brands who don’t want other people selling their products on Amazon. It is unlawful to make a false accusation of copyright infringement, but Amazon doesn’t seem to be concerned with that aspect of the law. Why?


I had 7 policy violations for the same branded item less then a month ago, just a different size or color or name. Within a week i was notified my account was going to be suspended, i answered/appealed with the manufacturer invoices as the proof they weren’t counterfeit as the complaint stated. Account got suspended anyway so i appealed once again with the invoices and even further with an action plan and deleted listing and removed ALL of the items regardless of if they were listed. Have received two of the same denial responses saying its not enough, need greater detail. I was already VERY THOROUGH. I can’t speak to anyone, and the contact us link is deactivated and even case logs are just reporting transferred or closed without any contact back. They aren’t even answering a case I opened for help with a charge back claim that appeared and then disappeared without my reply info.

I am at a loss what to do to get my account reinstated and get more of a response from seller support.


I think that I received 6 different policy warnings for “copyright infringement” on a legitimate Mercury released CD where, in a period of over 10 years had 20 reviews at Amazon along with several pages related to the release on Google.

I suggested that Seller Performance start investigating whomever was making invalid complaints since all my cases were successfully appealed although two are still showing in my Performance Health. Never heard back from anyone on this one.

You can find the reviews here - listing no longer available at Amazon:

And this is the Google Search page for the same release that a copyright infringement was reported - 6 times.

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on Apr 24, 2019

i have one count of suspected infringement of which i wrote in with the respective documentation and even deleted the item as well

Till date almost 1 month later. I received no response from amazon. I have done everything required. But no response. Amazon please respond


Yes, thats a good point… and i agree and we suffer that “copyright infringement” complaint from a brand who don’t want a 3d party seller sell their products on Amazon, as our company. Please note: we do have invoices from the Portuguese distributor (we are a Portuguese company), and apeal, we sent the invoice to Amazon. To Amazon means zero. We have not buy to the brand… bahhhh… we are too small…


It is really poor that notice can continue to be posted for 3 months even though we have deleted the listing.


Your launch of this was terrible.

No information, no explanation, just dumping it on us a week before Thanksgiving.

It is a horrible way to treat sellers.

I have to sit and see product condition complaints for 6 months. None of them are legit based on Amazon standards, but we still get to see the red mark.

You do not consider these as violations, yet leave them as violations.


I’ve got one situation even better than that… The creator of the product (CEO of the small company) had become seriously mentally unstable and was basically going to be committed, had been removed from his CEO position. He still had a company email address. So he decided to report anyone everywhere selling his product online because he wanted to hurt his company. He didn’t want us to order from them anymore. We have no recourse because even though we had the invoices, the original complainant couldn’t/wouldn’t retract the complaint. Even though the new CEO and president emailed Amazon and retracted, they wouldn’t accept it.

So if in a legit situation Amazon won’t budge… How the heck are we going to fight complete BS attacks by the bots that have absolutely no standing to create a report?!