Minimum order quantity - how to set up?


Anyone know how to configure an item so it has a minimum order quantity? I can’t find a setting for it in the upload template, or in seller central.


Edit the listing from inventory. Toward the bottom of the listing it will ask Order quantity set it at one or two or whatever
Then save


I have an option toward the bottom (on the “Offer” tab) that says “Max Order Quantity” with a tooltip reading “The maximum quantity of the product that a customer may purchase in one order.”

I don’t have anything listing minimum though


Never heard of anything like that.


Minimum order quantity? No. If you need to set a minimum quantity of a given item, you should be packaging it accordingly so that the customer is required to buy that many.

Maximum order quantity is easily done, as others have pointed out.


see here for an item with minimum order quantity.


the numeric value you set in this box is the “maximum order quantity”


“max order quantity” is “minimum” ? huh?


Not good to use other listings to set minimum or maximum order quantity.


my fault yes maximum i edited it


right, but I’m looking for a way to set the minimum…


you would need to edit the listing to include preferred amount of widgets in one price. Do not create another listing.
Such as: 2-pack, 4-pack, 10-pack etc etc

Edit: thus assuming you manage the brand and listing and it is your own product you will have control like this. If the listing is another brand and the brand owners manages the listing, you will have to sell it like they list it. You cannot subvert the listing using another bar-code, i mean you could, but it is a quick way out the door and your account suspended indefinitely.


As I understand the policy, you may not set a minimum order quantity.

If the manufacturer provides a multipack, you may list the multipack with its own UPC.

If it is only sold in one’s, you must offer only 1 per unit.

Many products are unprofitable in quantity one, and sellers violate rules frequently to offer these items, subverting other features.


Wrong, if he is the manufacture and brand owner and listing manager, you sell it how you want to. Albiet 1 widgets, 5 widgets or 10 widgets for one price and then edit the listings “max order qty” as needed.
You do not create listings for each quantity. That’s ridiculous.

And if he is not the manufacture, brand owner and listing manager, you do not purchase bar-codes to sell someone else brand with larger quantities.


of course i do, the max qty of the items a person can add to the cart on that particular listing.


Have any of you looked at the link I provided?

It’s not using multipacks / bundles / etc. It simply says MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. Please review it closely


yes, this is an add-on item, so amazon puts their own “minimum order qty” on it. Something you cannot edit or have active on your listing.


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was posting for other who do not.

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