Marcus by Goldman Sachs Line of Credit for Amazon Small Business Sellers


Amazon Lending is announcing a new partnership with Marcus by Goldman Sachs which allows them to offer a Marcus Business Line of Credit built specifically for Amazon sellers based in the U.S. Starting today, eligible sellers will receive invitations via Seller Central to apply with Marcus for the Line of Credit. We are starting this new program gradually.

The Marcus Business Line of Credit offers competitive, fixed interest rates and provides Amazon sellers with the flexibility to request funds as needed, subject to approval. As with our direct loans from Amazon Lending, the goal is to help sellers grow their Amazon business, as well as other online or offline channels. For example, sellers can use funds to cover staffing and operations costs, buy more inventory for improved cost efficiency, invest in product development and manufacturing, or expand marketing efforts to build their brands and grow their customer base. The fully digital experience makes it simple for eligible business owners to quickly see their financing options.

This partnership expands on Amazon Lending’s existing program to support seller growth. In 2019, Amazon loaned more than $1 billion to more than 14,000 U.S-based businesses. Since 2016, Marcus by Goldman Sachs has offered simple, transparent, and valuable products and tools designed to help consumers reach their financial goals, and now they are taking that same approach to this line of credit product for small businesses selling with Amazon. As of May 2020, Marcus held more than $80 billion in global deposits and $7 billion in lending balances, all while serving millions of customers with the commitment to be on their side. Goldman Sachs has long supported small business with efforts such as its 10,000 Small Businesses program, an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing access to education, capital and business support services.

For more information, visit Amazon Lending.

[JULY 2020] Amazon Seller Newsletter (repost + tips)

I’ve mentioned a line of credit option every single time they’ve sent an Amazon Lending survey. Glad to see them start one.


Used to take advantage of line of credit offers from Amazon in the past. Always paid back on time (last one early), account in good standing, but the offers stopped. Hopefully this means we’ll get another one soon. I know some people say the terms don’t make sense but the loans definitely helped us grow our business.


Amazon replaced Bank of America with Goldman, because BoA faced so many defaults and didn’t want to make any more loans.

If Amazon suspends your account, you probably won’t be able to pay back the loan.


Can you provide any documentation or proof of Amazon using BofA as a resource for lending? My understanding was always that this was done via Amazon’s own internal funding and not via a 3P source.


when can chinese seller gain the credit mounts?
Thank you


pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…i want to be invited.


Requirements to be eligible for this offer? Do I have to be selling a certain amount first?


Right, won’t be able but will still be liable.


This happened to me too!!


When will this roll out and how do you become eligible?


hopefully never.


The last loan we took was smashed to pieces and resulted in losses by Chinese competitors selling on amazon from China via FBA, and undercutting our price for similar products.

Not a chance in the opposite_of_heaven will we take a loan with amazon again.

Sorry to be so blunt, but US-based businesses should still be very weary of the Chinese presence here on amazon selling directly from China into FBA. The next thing you know Amazon will be loaning money to the Chinese-based sellers as well! :frowning_face:


Anyone know what the requirements are? Sales, metrics, etc?..


Similar to credit cards, borrowers who take out the credit lines will be charged interest rates ranging from 6.99% to 20.99%.

I have a credit line from my local bank at a much lower interest rate. Before any seller jumps in, simply because Amazon makes it easy, do some research first…


You’re luckier than me. All the local banks out here and the traditionals, Chase, BOA, Capital one etc are all at 7%. That being said, if I wanted a LOC the last place I would borrow from is Amazon or someone through Amazon. The less control Amazon has over my finances the better.


Buyer indeed beware. The downside risk is well and truly there…


Where is the link to apply ??


just type it in google - amazon using boa for lending, pops up everywhere


You don’t apply. Click on the link from the News Announcement.