Managing price to maintain Featured Offer eligibility in Pricing Health


We are continuously improving Pricing Health and wanted to share some feature updates that will benefit all selling partners on a professional selling plan. For example, you can now view your offers that are not eligible to be the Featured Offer (Buy Box) because they are priced significantly higher than recent prices offered on or off Amazon. You can also identify pricing issues, update your prices in Pricing Health, and enroll in Automate Pricing to set pricing rules and restore Featured Offer eligibility. We have provided reference prices in Pricing Health so you can set the right price range for your offer and make adjustments to keep your listings Featured Offer eligible.

Visit Pricing Health to view your offers that are not eligible to become the Featured Offer or learn more about Pricing Health and other available notifications.

Appealing Order Defect Rate and Buy Box Eligibility

Stop interfering with our pricing!!!


We are continuously improving Pricing Health

You do NOT ‘continuously improve’ ANYTHING!! :angry::angry:

How do the human beings who write this garbage face themselves in the mirror each day? Do any of you have any ethics at all that makes you feel bad for participating in lying to people and hurting their livelihoods?

I wish some of you Amazon employees would grow a backbone and refuse to participate in lying to us.


Well, now Amazon automatically blocks any listings that are a certain % above the cheapest buy box price.

What about the increasing shipping prices? Shipping prices here in Portugal have increased 5% last month. And for sellers like me, in Europe, add to that the 20% of increase in exchange rate (EUR/USD) during 2020? Selling at the same price as 2019 is no longer profitable. And the US Dollar will most likely keep on dropping on 2021.

Besides, what about the unfair competitors that list below break even price just to push other sellers out of the listing due to “fair pricing policy”?

You should have that in account and let sellers list at whatever price they want, and if buyers are willing to buy it, then everybody wins. Amazon wins a bigger comission, Sellers win more profit and make more sales, and Buyers are happy because they can get their hands on import products that are hard to find in the US.

Please end this crap of suspending listings due to “fair pricing policies”! We list at whatever is profitable to us. Period.


Well at least now we can see the ridiculous price they are trying to force us to match, even though it’s from a website that doesn’t even have the item in stock, or is actually for a slightly different item. Or, worst of all trying to make us match their price, like we get items at the same cost as they do…


More of Amazon controlling the market and then controlling what people can do on the market.

This will eventually and should get an anti-trust investigation.


Correct. Google shopping posts offers that say they are but are actually not on Walmart.

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Lets just price fix everything. Block all listings if higher than suggested retail price! While your at it maybe raise ours fees to cover the 5 billion you are investing in small business paid for by small business to make big business more money eh. You can have all my blood sweat and tears too.


I do not think off Amazon should be considered based on the price but based on a certain percentage difference as an example $10 product will cost us (17% referral fee) $1.7 Amazon fees and average of 12% on Amazon ads that will be $1.2 without adding the return rate Amazon vs off Amazon , especially the inaccurate/damaged returns.
Therefore $10 sale will cost us $3.7 without the shipping, product and all other costs which they also apply to off Amazon sales.
Therefore when comparing Amazon vs Off Amazon prices they should consider at least %30 price difference in my case. (since there will be credit card commission fees and maybe ad costs which is about 7% for us).


What is so interesting are the ones flagged in price health with absolutely no reference price…what’s up with that?:japanese_ogre:


If Amazon wants to implicitly provide a price match guarantee for buying through them, that’s their prerogative. What I don’t understand is the use of the list price as the reference price for books that are no longer in print, which is what I see on every single one of mine. No, I’m not selling a first printing of Naked Lunch for it’s cover price.


All of this is just another example of Amazon thinking they know better than US what is right for OUR business. And as my post upthread makes clear, I’m SICK of them doing this. They DO NOT KNOW what is right for my business in any of the ways they are trying to control it through their misguided beliefs -

  • Amazon does NOT know how quickly my chosen carrier can deliver. But guess what… I do! So let ME set my delivery time.
  • Amazon does NOT know what my merchandise costs are, nor what my overhead is, so they do NOT know what my selling price needs to be. But guess what… I do! So let ME set my sales prices.
  • Amazon does NOT know what my customers need in terms of explanations about delays or concessions for their inconveniences. But guess what… I do! So let ME handle my own customer service.
  • Amazon does NOT know whether the reasons my buyers choose to initiate returns are reasonable, and Amazon does NOT know the condition in which my returned merchandise comes back. But guess what… I do! So let ME handle issuing my own returns, and let ME choose what, if any, fees are appropriate to withhold.
  • Amazon does NOT know how weather, natural disaster, riots, fire, or any other issue is affecting MY ability to process orders. But guess what… I do! So let ME worry about setting my account to vacation, or adjusting my delivery times if and when I know something is affecting them.


Have you added a button that says “Amazon sells at this price, so why am I ineligible”?

Or “My price is lower than Amazons”

Or “There are other sellers with much higher prices than mine, so why am I being blocked from selling and not them?”


I don’t think Amazon “thinks” they know more about your business than you do. They don’t have to. This is not about whats good for your business, but what’s good for theirs. Your overhead means nothing to them - you are free to sell on your own website or other marketplaces. Amazon attracts customers by keeping prices as low as possible for most items.

Amazon doesn’t care what your costs are. They care what the customer is asked to pay because a happy customer comes back.

Amazon doesn’t care how long your carrier takes - the work with all the carriers and let them dictate what they can do. Faster service means happier customers.

Amazon doesn’t care if a return is for reasonable or unreasonable means - they make money either way - but the customer that feels safe in making a purchase is going to come back more often than not. That means more money for Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t care what natural or manmade disasters might affect you, and it’s pointless to even try. They don’t know (or care) if your package has to be re-routed around a wildfire, or a flood, or if the carrier can even do that. They care that the customer gets what the customer pays for.

Amazon knows their own business - keeping customers coming back. That’s what they are “selling” you - a loyal customer base. Your business model doesn’t mean anything to them. They set their rules and you can either try and keep up, or get out of the way of the next person.

I don’t think it’s in our best interests at all, and I don’t assume it will ever be. They have the data and metrics to show what they are doing works. It’s my job to run my Amazon business in a way that can still make me money while complying with one of the most lenient return policies available.


All of a sudden, about three weeks ago, I got a bunch of books deactivated for pricing issues. I was being compared to the List Price, and these books are older and more valuable. I relisted them in the “Collectible” categories at the same prices and had no issues. I think they may have been, or still are, pushing to differentiate “Used” and “Collectible”. Not saying this is the case for you, but are you used “Used” instead of “Collectible”?


I wish I could give these comments 100 likes:


Everyday a new item is blocked because of high pricing. The only thing high about them is I am making a little profit. If I reduce the price, I can’t afford to sell it and pay for shipping. Offering fee shipping, I am convinced causes the alerts. It is irritating when my price includes shipping and is lower than others, but blocked because the price is too high.


I’ve had them blocked bieng 25% BELOW the buy box price


Amazon knows their own business - keeping customers coming back. That’s what they are “selling” you - a loyal customer base.

You might want to rethink that, and so should Amazon. They don’t have the loyal customer base anymore that they used to.


Not true at all. Many of my inactive listings due to fair pricing policy violations are lower than the Amazon buy box price. At least be consistent if you’re going to block items