Looks like Amazon will be selling cars


Amazon now has car listings, “add to card” function takes you to dealer’s website. It looks like car dealers will soon become sellers here too.


Who’s going to be the first guy to buy one and return their old rust bucket for a full refund?


I want to see the 1st “Item Not Received” claim on that bad boy…and how support will react. You’ll see some fireworks @ the dealership when amazon grants the customers claim. These dealerships have NO CLUE what they are getting themselves into - LOL!


I already ordered 16 units. One of each color. I will give them away as presents to my freinds…


So I just ordered this car recently. I NEVER GOT IT even though it says delivered trust me I never got it. I’d like a full refund PLUS a free car. Thank you. - Your Favorite Amazon Customa


I ordered one, complained about the authenticity, and customer service issued me a full refund and told me to keep it. I love Amazon!!!


Wait till the Chinese hijack that listing!


That’s why I ordered 16.


Order with Amazon prime and return it every 30 days.

New car every 30 days



Anybody going to dropship this? LOL


$40,000 A-Z claims, here we come.


Order a new car November 1st and drive it until January 30th and then get a full refund. Return reason “not as described”. It was a Blue Metallic but in my opinion was not a “Blue Crush Metallic”.


Lol that is Exactly what I was going to say.




had a spot on it, customer no i am sure it is not a finger print. az claim. item returned comes from junk yard and all parts including tires are gone…you lose the az


50% restocking fee (max) doesn’t cut it when only a car body is returned.

Tracking says delivered but I didn’t receive my car, delivery driver says he swore he left it in my driveway, that illegible signature he got was not mine, must have been my neighbor

Used, Like New, only 120,000 miles!


Ordered car and I received a box of rocks and Amazon refunded full I love Amazon now I have brand new car and full box of rocks, even though box of rocks are imaginaryI still go to lake and throw rocks at lake to have fun…with my shiny brand new car, long live Amazon!




File an az…You get a car. you get car. you get a car. you get a car!!!


I’d swear I bought my Honda Accord off of Amazon back ion 2003 through some partnership they had. They dropped the car off at my office. It was very slick.