Learn how to prevent shipment issues


We recently launched the Shipment Performance dashboard to help you manage your shipments to us more efficiently and confidently. You can compare your key performance indicators to performance targets, and take action to quickly resolve shipment problems.

Monitor your overall performance and prevent shipment problems by accessing the dashboard from your Shipping Queue, or by going to Shipment Performance.

To learn more, including how to grant access to secondary users, go to the Shipment Performance dashboard help article.

We're always looking for ways to improve your experience. To provide feedback, click Tell us how we're doing in the dashboard.

NO, I don't know why

I tried to access the Shipment Performance Dashboard but it says that I do not have permissions to view the page even though I have permission to view and edit everything in User Permissions


I tried to access the Shipment Performance Dashboard but it says that I do not have permissions to view the page

This topic is only about shipments to FBA. You’d think the people who write these announcements would be smart enough to include that essential detail, but evidently not. If you don’t have the dashboard, you probably aren’t signed up for FBA.

This has nothing to do with regular seller-fulfilled shipments to customers.

Again, something Amazon should have been smart enough to mention, but wasn’t.

@Bea_Amazon @KJ_Amazon Could you mention this particular bit of stupidity to whoever’s in charge of releasing these ‘announcements’? If it’s about FBA then please say it’s about FBA.



Hi @racingroxstore, thanks for your reply. I knew this is for FBA and we do use FBA. I can’t edit my first reply to include this info.
Thank you for pointing it out that Amazon should’ve included that this announcement is for FBA.


In the past year Amazon FBA has lost several hundred USD (wholesale cost) of my product. Although I submitted absolute proof that Amazon received the product, Amazon denied ever receiving them and closed the claims. I lost the claim and had no recourse. According to the quorum several other FBA sellers have had the same problem. All my products were packed and labeled properly with the proper SKU’s. In some cases Amazon FBA took it on them selves to change the SKU’s. I send boxes that contained 20 white canes for the blind. The canes weigh about 10-11 ounces each for a total weight of the box being about 16 pounds. Amazon claims the 16 pound box only contained one cane. This is not fair to the seller. I am blind and cannot afford these loses.


I flagged it … :smirk:


Very good point.
We lost thousands of dollars for the same issue. We have sent all the documents needed as proof but Amazon does not count as proof invoices with all information needed. They do need a packing slip and they do not specify what they mean by packing slip (from the factory or from the seller outside the box).
Lately, they do not respond at all to cases of inbound issues. We have 2 cases opened 2 months ago and even though we remind them twice a week to answer, they don’t really care to answer.
Amazon is stealing products from FBA sellers and then selling them as " like new" conditions from the "Amazon Warehousedeals " account.


Only thing sellers need to do to prevent shipment issues is for Amazon to get their FC employees to do their jobs correctly. This AZ gaslighting is ridiculous.