Launch of Brand Referral Bonus program


In our continued effort to help brands succeed, we are excited to launch the Brand Referral Bonus program. This program can help you delight more customers by aiming to accelerate your growth, save money, and improve the efficiency of your non-Amazon marketing efforts.

As a member of the Brand Referral Bonus program, you can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales driven by your non-Amazon marketing efforts. The more traffic you bring, the more opportunities you have to earn a bonus. The bonus is provided as a credit on your referral fees.

To join the Brand Referral Bonus program, click here.

Why join the Brand Referral Bonus program?

  • Help accelerate your growth and improve the efficiency of your non-Amazon marketing and advertising campaigns that drive your referral traffic to Amazon.
  • Save money by receiving bonuses that average 10% of sales from traffic you have driven to Amazon.
  • Improve advertising efficiency by receiving the same bonus for customer purchases of additional products from your brand up to 14 days after they click the ad.

I don’t own a brand, but I do drive traffic to my Amazon listings through non-Amazon marketing campaigns. Is there a program I can participate in?

All sellers are able to enroll in the Amazon Associates program to earn and monetize their traffic with up to a 10% commission on purchases brought in by their marketing efforts.

To learn more about Amazon Associates, click here.

Launching ideas with no PPC?

Hmmm, so if I bring my non-Amazon buyers (say from our own webshop) to Amazon, I get 10% back from the referral fees of 15%.
Overall, this may help to get higher return on ad spend since people would trust buying from Amazon more than from a random webshop. Also, the 5% difference is not all that much considering card fees and other costs of running your webshop.
Overall, looks like a win-win. But coming from Amazon, can’t help but to wonder ‘what is the catch’ ?


It’s a lose - win… in 6 months Amazon will lower the “bonus” to 7.5%… then to 5% next year… then to 3%… then they will start charging for this great new bonus feature they offer. All the while Amazon sellers everywhere just killed their web traffic on all other sites.

  • Edited to add these aren’t real numbers, so idk, not advertising advice lol


No, you are looking at the commission rates for associates program. This is a different program for brand owners.
Here are the rates I see from


Gotcha, I didn’t see that as I was looking at the non-brand owner commissions through the bottom link.


You might be right. There is a phrase for it :grinning:
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Let’s see. I pay essentially credit card fees + 1% on my webstore. I have full control over returns (including fraudulent returns, which are non-existent on my www site), and I don’t have to go through a massive time sink with broken automation and undertrained CSRs to have a shot at getting what my platform promises, meaning my ROI is higher outside of fees. I don’t have to worry about my money being held hostage, black hat sellers on my listings, ASIN mis-merges, etc. etc. etc.

However, if I move the sale to Amazon, I pay 15% - 10%, which is more expensive than my platform, and help Amazon complete the Walmartification of the internet, putting my web store out of business.



Wait, so brand owners can also be enrolled in Amazon Associates?
As in, we can sign up for Amazon Associates with the same email as our Seller account and there would be no issues?


Right, there are NEVER any issues with new programs like this that Amazon rolls out. No chance at all of there being some type of conflict now or down the road that was lead to suspended accounts. Will never happen.


This is amazing news! We are literally here having a meeting on how to double down our off Amazon marketing efforts as we noticed this. Serendipity!


This program is good for Brands who only rely on Amazon (and possibly their site).

This is of no use/value to brands that are offered on other marketplaces/venues such as Walmart.

Try explaining to Walmart why your social media ad is directing buyers to Amazon.

Think it through and use wisely.


Uh, no


Yes we currently do that and its encouraged by Amazon


The catch is simple. Amazon keeps it’s customers and now wants yours. I do believe that once the use of this program has been exhausted, they will lower the fees and eventually discontinue the program.

With that being said, many of us like to send our customers to amazon to build rankings and sales etc. Why not make 10% extra? I think this is a great initiative from amazon, especially after a luckluster quarter full of bad policies and limits etc…


Hey Amazon,

Do I need to create new Attribution Links to get the offer after I apply or will my old one also get the benefits?


One important thing we value on our website. On our website, our customers are not bombarded by 1,000 + competitor ads displaying their products of dubious origin and quality at fraction of our price.


So how long until Amazon shuts off the Referral program like they have done a few times now ? They used to allow Websites that were made by Amazon Just for this… Then after a few years of Traction on Sales they shut it off… With Amazon Track Record of new ideas and then new rules and then less sales and no profit this also seems like a bad amazon FB- ish idea.



IF you would be doing non-amazon advertizing to send customers to your Amazon listings anyway, then yea wonderful (while it lasts anyway.)

But if you are spending your off amazon advertising to send business to your own store or another platform and finding that profitable, I would see no reason to change just because of this.


Yes, I was an affiliate long before I created products and started selling. And yes, they encourage to post your affiliate link to your products, subject to all the affiliate rules (#1 is don’t post affiliate link in email!)