June 2022 sales slowest I’ve seen in 4 years of tracking


June 2022 sales Is tracking to the slowest I’ve seen since I’ve been tracking from 2018.

Is it less people buying online, customers having less cash in their pockets, potential recession, people just being out for summer?

Anyone else seeing the same? Would appreciate any insights.

Suddenly slow in sales?

I would say it’s all of these things and more:
less people buying online, customers having less cash in their pockets, potential recession, people just being out for summer?
I had two sales from 5 a.m. Saturday morning until today. Slowest I’ve ever been sales wise in 20 years selling on amazon. An alarming trend for sure. Not to get into political/current events but I think we’re seeing unrelentingly negative news, (I’m not actually since I only watch NCIS and Columbo reruns on tv) an angry worried nation, nothing but bad economic realities facing us with no leadership to take us out of the malaise.


Main factor I believe is too many sellers for the same/similar products relative to the number of buyers.


Every one of the hundreds of books I’ve listed in the last month had 40-50-120 other copies listed, I’m afraid you’re exactly right.

146 Used from $0.99
23 New from $5.76
1 Collectible from $7.99


I am trying to determine what’s going on. Politics or Amazon issues.
My sales plummeted in the past week. Now this has happened several times here and it has been a tech issue on amazon affecting listings.
For example best know issue was the AWS outage on Black Friday which made many third party sellers listings none existent. Zero sales! But other times Amazon has updated or become glitchy and does the same thing. I believe there is tech issue because I am not getting consistent sales notifications from system, cases that have been answered say pending.
Amazon won’t tell you there a problems with these things


Beep, Beep, Beep, Clang, Clang, Clang, and other colorful alarm clock noises. You could be onto something there Glamazon!
My wife was saying the same thing when I mentioned how slow we’ve been lately sales wise.
I’m trying to think, "is there some event Amazon may be gearing up for that could cause glitches and problems with sales? Yep. Prime Days.
You know they’ve got all 58,265 of their bright and diligent techies working around the clock tweaking things with their system, maybe that’s what’s up. I hope you’re right.


lol, we do the antenna too!


Guilty as charged. I couldn’t figure out why I liked these two shows. Then, duh, it dawned on me. Both shows start by showing a crime being committed. And the rest of the show depicts Gibbs and co. or Columbo figuring out who done it and locking them up. Or, sometimes with NCIS, shooting them. I guess that’s why I like cowboy movies. The old ones not the new ones where the bad guys get away with it. I’m old as the hills. I have cable and Netflix and Amazon Prime but I keep coming back to the same shows.

I recent read this: One reason the shows on CBS (and others like them) are so popular among older folks, I think, is because they mostly operate as self-contained straight-forward stories where good beats bad and resolution is reached, if not by the end of the episode, shortly thereafter. Most episodes indeed tell a single story with a short but full arc, where tension is resolved, the good guys capture or kill the bad guys, and order is restored.


Why waste your time with books like that?


Current events can have either a positive or negative effect on sales.

Yesterday, I sold a book that is related to current/political events. I’m sure these events sped up the sale of a book that otherwise might have sat on the shelf for a while.


If you are selling non-essential items (we sell books, usually considered non-essential) I believe tougher times are ahead for sellers.
So many people are struggling to put gas in their cars and food on their tables.

Along with super slow sales, we are also seeing a real uptick in returns. Presumably people deciding they don’t really need that book after all, and instead need the money back.


I pay more and shop elsewhere nowadays Amazon’s BS the way they treat us sellers have turned me off. They do not listen to us Oh by the way don’t forget Amazon asked for your help please message you congressman and put the good lords word in for them.


I set a record on last weekend for the highest number of sales and this weekend I barely got 1 sale, therefore, this weekend will set a record for the lowest number of sales unless something happens in the next 7 hours. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


Have you been selling on Amazon for 20 years?:open_mouth:


Actually 10 hours and 21 mins but who’s counting.


That would appear to be the case. Even though the join date says 2012, that’s a forum thing, not an account tenure thing…


My thoughts are July and August will be worse.


No money in those sorts of books. Donate, recycle, or use in your bookstove.


Try searching some of your items as an Amazon customer would. Use 3 or 4 general search terms, just as any regular customer would. See how many of your items are coming up in the first page or two of Amazon search results.
The sales problem we are having is that Amazon is not showing our products to customers in the first few pages of results no matter how low we price them and we have perfect metrics. We aren’t paying to play (aren’t buying Amazon “advertising products”), so only the most persistent searching customers will know we have them available for sale.
This is one possible reason for slowing sales. As more and more 3P sellers start paying Amazon to feature their products, the rest of us get pushed further and further back into the search results.


Not that poster but I have been selling on Amazon since January of 2000 so there are some of us still selling after 20+ years.

And yes, I think a lot is going on to impact sales right now. One of those is the public’s changing opinion of Amazon. Formerly the awesome underdog, the average shopper now sees the site as confusing (compared to others), hard to shop, and expensive. What was amazing customer service is now decent at best. Add in news stories about poor working conditions and leadership fighting union votes and well, there isn’t a lot of good news.

Jeff Bezo also went from being a sweet married man to someone who dumped his wife for his wife’s friend. He went from building the company to spending his billions on yachts and traveling with other rich people. His space company is struggling big time which is embarrassing–sort of like the shape of their rockets.

I am talking to more and more folks who are canceling Prime which says a lot right there.

Amazon needs to clean its room main site, work on PR and start focusing on customer experience again.