Inventory Performance Index threshold will change to 450


Thank you for your cooperation as we implemented policies to ensure that all sellers have space for their products this holiday season.

Independent businesses like yours that sell on Amazon, nearly all of which are small- and medium-sized businesses, have surpassed $4.8 billion in worldwide sales so far this holiday season. That’s an increase of over 60% from last year. Congratulations, and thank you for providing terrific selection and low prices to customers.

As the new year approaches, we are lowering the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold to 450:

  • If your IPI is 450 or above in week 51 of 2020, starting January 1, 2021, you will not be subject to storage volume limits.
  • If your IPI is below 450 in week 51 of 2020, you will continue to be subject to storage volume limits. We will notify you of your next period limits, which will go into effect on February 1, 2021.

We encourage you to continuously manage inventory. Visit your Inventory Performance dashboard for ways to increase your IPI by reducing excess inventory, improving your sell-through, or fixing stranded listings.

All products are still subject to restock quantity limits. You can view quantity limits for your products on Restock Inventory.

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Urget Limited restock help

So it’s still SKU restricted, based on sales volume and 30 day turnover/rolling average?


This notice mentions that limits will not be removed if your IPI is below 450 in week 51 of 2020, however what happens if you did not have limits previously but your IPI is now below 450 in week 51. Should we expect limits to come into effect January 1, 2021 if we were not limited previously?


You answered your own question.


when are you lifting amazon restock limits? theyre ridic


Yeah, looks like so


Can you elaborate more on “week 51”? The week when you first started selling?


Pretty sure that “Week 51” would be the 51st week of the year; ie, the week we are currently in.


The current week ( week 52 ) is highlighted.


I can work with this. I’ve learned how. But please Amazon, revisit this before next December. It was a nightmare restocking after Black Friday. Pallets slowed to a halt (even pallets sent as early as 11/15). I turned to UPS (at a very high shipping cost) with some success. But there are SKUs that won’t show the seasonal velocity until Black Friday and by then it is too late to send in the 1,250+ units that you knew all along customers would demand. As one of the results, customers paid far higher prices on seasonal merchandise than ever before.


The way the announcement reads, if you don’t have limits currently and have an IPI below 450, limits won’t kick in until Feb 1 2021.


By taking 2 weeks to 2 months to receive our product and counting against our IPI, I’m sure we will all meet the threshold without any issues.


1-2 months ago,amazon double our Oversize storage to our limited account,will amazon now double our Standard-size storage?


If your IPI is below 450 in week 51 of 2020, you will continue to be subject to storage volume limits.

What if the account is currently not subject to storage volume limits? And why can’t Amazon communicate before the time of the checkpoint instead of 1 week after?


Wow, let’s lower the bar some more for FBA sellers! Get rid of some of the China container shippers clogging up the system, and make room for those of us with real supply chains in our industries/markets.


Actually answering my own question I believe Amazon new requirements are only meant to relax some of the lower IPI accounts from storage limits. I think this new lower score only applies to accounts that were subject to storage limits after the summer checkpoints, not those accounts whose score lowered after the checkpoints. That would explain why they are communicating this after week 51.


So on February 1, 2021, if we are above 450 IPI Score we will have unlimited storage?


Can someone help clarify something for me in regards to storage limit.

My IPI on week 51 was 470 on week 52 its now below 450.

On the storage volume tab at the bottom where it says “next period storage limit” there is still a limit there. Wouldn’t that say “unlimited” or will change coming January 1st?


Yes and No.

Amazon considers unlimited storage for your “overall” inventory.

BUT your individual SKU’s will still be whatever Amazon determines
the limit to be for each one.

So while you can send in a bunch of inventory, you can only send in so many of each item
even if your inventory is shown as “unlimited”. (oxymoron)


I have an IPI of 670…my single sku is selling 50 units a day.
still my storage limit is as low as 700 units
So this anouncement means that after this year ends, I can send as much as i want to the FBA warehouse?