Introducing the Seller Central Alexa Skill


Manage your Amazon Marketplace business with Alexa! We have launched the Seller Central Alexa skill to all U.S. marketplace sellers. Your new virtual employee, Alexa, can now provide you with a variety of business updates from any Alexa-enabled device.

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To get started, enable the skill, link your seller account, and say “Alexa, start Seller Central.”

Things to try:
Sales summary by date. “Alexa, how are my sales?”, “Alexa, what were my sales yesterday?”
Inventory recommendations. “Alexa, how is my inventory?”
Orders. “Alexa, do I have any orders?”
Campaigns. “Alexa, how are my campaigns?”
Feedback. “Alexa, how’s my feedback?” and “Alexa, read my feedback.”
Buyer messages. “Alexa, do I have any messages?”
Payments. “Alexa, when do I get paid?”, “Alexa, when was my last payment?”, and “Alexa, what is my current balance?”

To provide feedback or report an issue, contact []

  • The Amazon Seller team

Note: The Seller Central Alexa skill is currently only available to Sellers in the U.S. marketplace.

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