Introducing Prime Exclusive Discounts—just in time for Prime Day


We’re excited to introduce Prime Exclusive Discounts. It’s a new way to reach millions of Prime members on Prime Day—and every other selling day of the year.

Details about Prime Exclusive Discounts:

  • The product offer displays a discounted price with the regular price crossed out, plus a savings summary in search results and the product detail page. Example: “You Save: $13.50 (15%) as a Prime Member.”
  • On Prime Day, products also display a Prime Day Deals badge. You can create the discounts for Prime Day through July 5, 2019.
  • To use Prime Exclusive Discounts, you must be a Fulfillment by Amazon seller. Join FBA by visiting Get Started with Fulfillment by Amazon.

To create a discount, click the Advertising tab in Seller Central and select Prime Exclusive Discounts.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, go to Prime Exclusive Discount.

Problems Using the Prime Exclusive Discounts

Great new feature. However, the checkbox for Prime Day Only cannot be unchecked - essentially disabling the Prime Member Exclusive Discount feature with exception to Prime Day Week. Thanks ahead for correcting the error…


Well, only possible via uploading file with the list of products you want apply discount for…
fun in 2019


I’m surprised to see that the Editorial Team did not see fit to include reference to the Seller Help Content’s “index” page on this new initiative, Prime Exclusive Discount (link), or to the Prime Exclusive Discount FAQ (link) page (among those help pages that are linked from the “index” page for ease of navigation).


This will increase prime membership by getting 3P sellers to provide exclusive benefits. Seems a little unfair and pointless if a 3P seller is already the only seller prime eligible. Would rather see an agreement to lower fba fees if a seller discounts for prime.


While posting is not being suppressed during the 9-hour maintenance period underway at the time of this post, editing apparently is - so I am unable to add this addenda to my previous post (I am not replying to my own post, here, because I’m as silly as I look! :grin:). At any rate, here’s what I intended to add to the earlier post as an “ETA:” -

After having had the chance to review the applicable, new Seller Help Content on this topic (c: my previous post for links to that), and the details available in the “Instructions” and “Data Definitions” worksheets of the new Prime Price Loader (link) that our friend WTF points must be used to participate in the new Prime Exclusive Discounts Program, I can see that we have ASINs that will be enrolled.

Nevertheless, I would caution everyone in our Seller Community to bear in mind the likely implications inherent in what a judicious reading between the lines of the reason why the “Minimum_Discounted_Prime_Price” field is required for uploading this template, and how that reason could conceivably produce uncomfortable circumstances.

The new template’s Instructions worksheet explains the Minimum Discounted Prime Price field thusly:

“…This is the lowest discounted Prime Price a SKU can reach. If the discounted Prime Price falls below this minimum price, then the Prime Exclusive Discount for the SKU will get suppressed. Unit is USD by default.”

I suspect that it is probably clear to all but the most-casual of observers that this allusion to an automated mechanism means that the new Prime Exclusive Discount Initiative sports it’s own new Amabot, as is so often the case when Amazon embarks on this or that tacking of its course.

Therein, methinks, might lie the rub; there exists much evidence to suggest that this new Prime Exclusive Pricing Minimum Amabot will be policing much the same territory as do those whose operation has been a matter of consternation for 3P Sellers for no little time (e.g., the On-site and Off-site iterations of the Pricing Comparison Amabot, and the Min/Max Pricing Amabot, not to mention those involved with Autopricing).

The new feed upload template for this program specifically recommends cauion, and suggests that 10-15 SKUs being tested, first, is the Best Practice to follow. I would suggest that it behooves all of us who desire to participate in the Amazon Prime Exclusive Discount Program in July to heed that admonition…

Trust, but verify…


may i know if we can make any discount like 5% or 15%, no need to be 20% or higher?


What’s the difference with Coupon then? Only prime member available?


Why isnt SFP in on this? We cater to you Amazon and do not help us at all. It would be nice to beable to do lighting deals or something on prime day for SFP.


I agree with mattscomputers - Why not SFP?


This is from the series: “What more can sellers do for Amazon” and not what more Amazon can do for sellers :slight_smile:
In reality this is just a way to make sellers pay for promoting Amazon’s Prime membership. No benefits for sellers. We do the discounts, Amazon gets more Prime subscribers, and we, sellers, get even less profit with already tight profit margins.
So sellers are not excited at all about this announcement. Only Amazon is excited :slight_smile:


I am totally with mattscomputers on this, I was actually going to post to the same effect.

Is SFP less Prime then FBA Prime? Why?

We are Amazon Custom program and as we customize items to each individual order, we are not able to FBA Prime but do SFP… thus are excluded from Prime Exclusive.




Incredible idea! Lowering prices for Prime members would actually hurt profit and there really is no benefits for the 3P sellers at all. But if sellers were rewarded by lowers FBA fee’s I’d absolutely lower prices for prime members. Profit would essentially be the same so my business wouldn’t suffer and it would offer perks for having a Prime membership so more customers would sign up. Win/Win for both sides and Amazon grows even more powerful! AMAZON, IMPLEMENT THIS MANS IDEA! Prime memberships will skyrocket


I think @Iowa-Guy has an excellent point! There’s ZERO benefit here for FBA 3P Sellers…who will probably raise prices to accommodate the “discount” anyway, thus no real win for Buyers (not for Prime members and definitely not non-Prime).

If this was extended to include all Prime offers (IOW, added SFP), then I would want a proportional discount on Amazon per-sale fees on items offered for Prime discounts, if this is truly intended to be customer-centric and not Amazon-centric.


We have been waiting for this feature. Thank you. When I upload discounts I cannot uncheck the “Is this a Prime Day discount?”. Does this mean that this feature is only for PRIME day? I am a bit confused.
Thanks for your time.


When we schedule lightning deal for Prime day. We didn’t see any of our item have that option. So we can’t schedule any.

Now they have this new prime exclusive discount, this is good news for us since it’s better than nothing.
But the problem is, our menu in Advertising tab do not have this “Prime Exclusive Discount” option.
Anybody else have this problem? Or just our account?


@RBU_US_LTD, this option is just for FBA Sellers. Are you FBA?


Yes, all our items have FBA in stock.
We can run regular lightning deals.
Thanks for the reply.


Amazon is doing everything possible to drive prices into the ground and drive independent sellers out of business. Fees and commissions are one thing but to remove human contact with the seller support team…and now pressuring sellers to let Amazon fill every order… Every week Amazon polls sellers as to our belief that Amazon does everything it can to support us. Humbug.