Introducing Free Replacement Offers on All MFN and SFP Orders



Hello Sellers,

After monitoring this thread for the past 3 days and working to answer your questions, I am posting an update here to clear up the confusion around “Free Replacements” and “Returnless Refunds”. Please note that I also changed the title of this topic in an attempt to avoid further confusion.

Free Replacements versus Returnless Refunds

  • The Returnless Refunds program IS NOT new.
  • The Free Replacements program IS new.

Beginning April 15, a Buyer who receives an item damaged, defective or different from what was ordered, may request a refund OR a replacement. Amazon will issue a zero value replacement order along with a shipping label ONLY IF you have the same item in stock AND in the same condition as the item in the original order. If for some reason you DO NOT want to fulfill the replacement order, you may cancel it. Yes, cancelling will affect your cancellation rate.

If you have ELECTED a Returnless Refund for one of your SKUs (note you HAVE TO opt in for this) and the Buyer receives the item damaged, defective or different from what was ordered, then the Buyer will be offered a Returnless Refund or a Returnless Replacement.

I hope this update helps you. I will continue to monitor this topic and will try to respond to as many of your questions as possible.

Best regards,


Original Announcement:

We continuously improve the seller-fulfilled returns experience. From April 15, 2021, we will offer your customers returnless and Amazon Buyers free replacements as an option for eligible items as part of our Prepaid Return Label program . This change will provide you additional return resolutions, and offer customers the option to receive a replacement item at no extra cost.

In addition to the option to request a refund for an item that is damaged, defective, or different from what was ordered, customers now have the option to ask for a replacement product. This can preserve your sale and not turn the transaction into a refund. Customers will continue to receive prepaid return labels for their items, regardless of whether they request a replacement or refund.

Under the free replacements program, the customer has seven days to return the original item. We will receive confirmation of the customer’s return when the prepaid return label is scanned and notify you to send a replacement. For items that are eligible for returnless refunds, customers will have the option of a returnless replacement.

To learn more about the Prepaid Return Label program, visit Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders.

For more information on free replacements for seller-fulfilled returns, visit Replacements for seller-fulfilled orders.

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Elaboration on that score would be welcome.


Will sellers be able to use Amazon buy shipping to purchase the replacement label?

If not, how will Amazon know when or if the customer receives the replacement?

Will sellers be required to send the replacement before they receive the original item back?


It would nice if Amazon stop issuing return label for orders over 30 days.


Will this Notification accommodate the same time-span that Amazon itself allows for a Return to arrive at a designated Return Facility AND be properly assessed & processed - i.e., 45 days - or will 3P Sellers be held to a different standard?



In what cases am I able to file a SAFE-T claim for the original product?

Based on the condition of the original product and in line with the, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

So does this mean that our claims will stopped being rejected just because we bought our labels on shipstation rather than on Amazon, since our returns are going to be bought on Amazon and the condition of the return is going to be clear?


Wow this is terrible news. I am understanding this correctly? Is Amazon is going to make seller fulfilled orders become returnless refunds. this will open the doors to super scammers.


On the page:

Items that contain a returnless resolution rule set will have the option of a returnless replacement.

For additional information:

Q: At this time, we can set our own price- or SKU- specific rules for returnless refunds. Will this change on April 15?


On the page:

When a Customer requests a free replacement for their damaged, defective, or materially different seller-fulfilled returns on the Online Return Center on Amazon, we will create a zero value replacement order and will provide an Amazon prepaid return label to return the original item.

Customers will have up to seven calendar days to drop off their original item using Amazon’s prepaid return label. We will notify you to ship the replacement order once we receive confirmation of the customer dropping off their original item.

Q: If upon receipt of the original item–after the free replacement has been shipped–we find that the item is not “damaged, defective, or materially different” yet is no longer able to be sold as new, or is perhaps not even the “original item,” what are our options to recoup the costs incurred?




Q. Does the return request close after 7 days ? How is notification sent ? A $0.00 order ? Something else?. :dog:


I think they want it sent out when it is scanned as picked up by the shipping carrier. Not when scanned as returned to seller :dog:


They can ask for another item but they are not going to get a second item from me because 100% of my 'defective ’ claims are fraud.


Amazon, you have clearly run out of things to do and now you are just making things up that are confusing.


90% off my defective claims are fraud. A good percentage does not have the correct serial numbers on the merchandise :dog:


It seems to me they are asking us to ship the replacement before we even SEE the returned item. Suppose the returned item is a BOX of ROCKS? :thinking:


I get maybe if I’m unlucky 5 returns a year…but I get requests for nearly 100 as customers have become savvy to the returnless return details so they file return requests hoping that the seller does this and they get a free item without issue. Just another customer perk paid for by the hard working seller.


I’m such a small seller on here and I am seriously considering returning to the bay. Amazon has changed so much that I don’t even recognized it as being the same platform when I started 13 yrs ago.

My sales right now are dead in the water and I’m not sure what is happening. I see a pattern of things getting even worse in the future as the scammers are getting wiser.




This goes against one of the cardinal rules of online selling : don’t send replacement items until you receive the return.

If the buyer requests a replacement and you cancel the replacement order it will count against your metrics .