Introducing a tracking website for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders


Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) sellers and their customers can now use a new tracking website to get real-time updates on the location of their shipped packages.

Sellers and customers can visit Swiship any time to enter the tracking number provided when the order is shipped and get the latest updates. The site provides tracking information for all MCF orders, regardless of carrier.

  • For customers: Shipment notification emails will link to the tracking site. To make sure your customers get these notifications, provide their email address during fulfillment-order creation.
  • For sellers: After the order has shipped, the tracking number in the Shipping section of the Order Details page will link to the tracking site.

With MCF, you can sell products on your own site or another e-commerce site, and Amazon will pick, pack, and ship those items from your inventory stored in our fulfillment centers. To learn more, visit Fill orders from other sales channels (Multi-Channel Fulfillment).


Does this mean that MCF will start using Amazon Logistics and have TBA tracking numbers?


Is this website run by

Is there a URL template we can send our customers programmatically like… where we replace the xxxxxxxxxx with the tracking #?


looks like it is:


The biggest issue with MCF is the time it takes to get that tracking number. Whatever it is get it to seller faster.

A quick check of the site home page.


Although the link does go to a page to enter the tracking.


Is there an API we can use to retrieve the delivery status and update our system?


I love your question. It seems like FBA order, it can’t be tracked…


Can we incorporate swiship website URL on my website using Iframe tag?


It starts with Small standard: 4 oz or less, but the package weight is already 4 oz.


I’m more in IT than I am shipping, so I immediately noticed the link they gave in the announcement takes you to an HTTP version of the site, and the site doesn’t automatically redirect to HTTPS.

If you track your package using the wifi of a coffee shop, anyone else on the same wifi can read the entire transaction.


It looks like the tracking links all use https now.


I use this service a lot and it’s very convenient to delivery my customers from my other channel sales, ebay , etsy or my own shop