Important update regarding Auto Cancellation timeline


We would like to notify you about an upcoming policy change regarding auto cancellation for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) orders.

Amazon automatically cancels orders if they have not been shipped and confirmed within 30 days of the estimated ship date (ESD).

To protect and improve the customer experience, starting September 30, 2020, Amazon will automatically cancel any order which is not shipped and confirmed within 7 business days after the “ship by” date detailed in the “Sold, ship now” notification email. You can set this date by modifying your Handle Time, but please be aware this date is part of the delivery time calculation displayed on the offer listing and checkout page.

What does this mean for my Cancel Rate?

Orders canceled automatically at the 'ship by' date + 7 business days will be counted as defects to your Cancellation Rate (CR), but will directly replace what would have previously counted as a defect to your Late Ship Rate. You can monitor both metrics in your Account Health dashboard. Policy requires sellers maintain a CR under 2.5% in order to prevent potential account deactivation. CR page can be viewed here.

As a reminder, canceling an order at the buyer’s request will not count as a defect towards your cancellation rate.

Change in automatic order cancellation
Important Notice: order(s) is at risk of cancelation by Amazon for non-shipment
Important Notice: order(s) is at risk of cancelation by Amazon for non-shipment
Important Notice: order(s) is at risk of cancelation by Amazon for non-shipment
Sudden Influx of orders - now out of stock and Amazon flagging account
Important Notice: order(s) is at risk of cancelation by Amazon for non-shipment

I am fine with the change as we always ship on time. However, what about when I order something prime for next day delivery and it ships two weeks later from a Amazon warehouse? Do as I say not as I do? Amazon needs to also improve their own expectations as they do ours.



This is one reason --you just shop local… if you live in a major city, there may be something available on a will call basis… minutes away…

I was looking at spray mount, it’s in an aerosol can… good for putting / attaching printed paper items directly on packages or boxes… the prime price was pretty extravagant , the lead time was ridiculous…

However the graphic art supply place 8 long city blocks north of me, has it in stock , I can just contact them & pick it up… will-call…

Also needed some Cascade liquid dishwasher soap for my machine…

Target up the street, has it available reasonably priced… no lines, instantaneously in my hands… big bottle should last about 18 months…

They also have the scanners, & can accept USPS, FedEx, UPS prepaid packages… very convenient… I can stand out in the middle of my street & see the store…

I don’t even like Target, but, it’s reasonably priced – it’s down the street…

I think that maybe Amazon doesn’t have the rigid control over customers buying these days… many people have a little bit more time to shop… if it’s a necessity they need soon they’re going to look at other options…



While what you say is true, and for me, I agree thats how I see it. However, over 10 years ago, I had pondered a question to one of my repeat customers, who was buy a product from me for $10, when they perhaps could easily drive to a walmart and get it for $1. Her response was, that it was cheaper and quicker to order it, than getting in the car, driving through traffic and hoping it was in stock or she could find it at the store…NOW fastfoward to 2020…many people still are not willing to go to the stores. They would rather buy it from their couch and have it delivered.

I do agree Amazon has always been a do as I say, not as a do company.



We have introverts, extroverts – I’ve long given up trying to discern customers decisions for their needs & wants…

There are some people you could lock them up in a room with a TV, slide them meals through a door slot – they would be perfectly happy… they probably have forced themselves for years to deal with the rest of the world…

And the world is drastically changing, I’m not sure there ever be a new normal – that looked like the old normal…


As much as it pains me to agree with Amazon, I’ve always thought that 30-day deal was a bit crazy. Even for custom-made items, it seemed excessive.

But maybe others - who deal in custom-made or handmade or perhaps large-item scheduled deliveries - can chime in with a defense of the 30 days.

I’d really like to hear the other side of this.


Blockquote “As a reminder, canceling an order at the buyer’s request will not count as a defect towards your cancelation rate.”

Unless a customer chooses “received wrong item”, or “received damaged/defective” or “return policy inquiry” and even if it specifically says “I want to cancel this order”…

Very clear buyer’s request to cancel in my eyes, but not in the eyes of my ODR. It is most of my cancellation requests. It seems the only “order cancellation request” requests I get are for orders that have already shipped. Sometimes within the span of a few minutes they’ll run through every option except Buyer Cancellation Request.

No problems with the new auto-cancellation policy. All my issues are with the manual cancellation process.


I like this, actually.

We always ship on time, and are honest with customers on the rare occasions when we can’t fill an order due to an error or defect discovered during the packing process. Customers respect honesty and we’ve never gotten a bad feedback as a result.

However, but I’ve had several MF sellers over the years try to keep orders open when they didn’t have the product, and use the 30 days until auto cancellation as a way to bully me into a “Buyer Cancelled.” I hated waiting 30 days to force them to eat the negative ODR.

I’m sick and tired of lazy, unscrupulous, actors ruining the 3P experience for the rest of us.



We sell some large items that are shipped LTL and thus take a couple of days generally to be prepared and picked up. We have that set in our handling time and is in our shipping policies. However, as these are also generally high dollar items Amazon often leaves these in pending status for several days (due to financing or fraud check issues). The problem is Amazon’s timer starts when the customer submits the order. So often it says “shipment is late” as soon as it’s finally released from pending. So this now opens the potential to have an order canceled before it’s picked up by the carrier due to no fault of our own leaving us with a lost sale and a metric hit. I’m perfectly fine with the 7 days but it should start once the item is released to the vendor, not when it enters pending status.


Or buy it from me on here for $50, when you can get it on the bay for $35. I just had a return on a webcam I sold for $80, and they told me they could get it at best buy for $60 - well, DO YOU RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASE IF COST IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE!!!

I rarely buy stuff on AZ, for every 1 item I buy on here, I buy 12 on the bay. Why? Stuff I need is more obscure, used items. Maybe a need a certain missing power adapter - I’d rather have the used OEM one than one of those new “BESTMET” or whatever 3rd party adapters they sell on here because the OEM adapter didn’t have a UPC and its hard to sell on here.

Rarely do I need something ASAP. Why spend $20 on a kitchen broom here, when the next time I’m in the store for something else, I can just get it there for $12. I’m not a people person, but sometimes I need to get out and just practice dealing with people. I’m turning 40 in less than a year, and have been living in the same place for over 17 years - eventually you quit needing household stuff. Trash cans, check, mop bucket, yep, laundry basket, dish strainer, tools… Decor is just a waste of money - I go to well over 1,000 garage sales in a year, there is way too many vases, live laugh love signs, and fake flowers and other junk. And kids clothes, I’ve been to some sales where there is a pallet sized box of kids clothes there - how can they even wear that much stuff?

I think some people just get paid too much - no real concern how they spend their money, and rather than retire 5-10 years early, they spend it freely and on convenience and have to work more years to make up for the spending.

But yeah, 30 days seemed way too long for a open order.


This is a very good point and something that needs to be addressed.


I have to chime in on when the clock starts as pending orders have been held up for weeks sometimes.
When the Order is in Ship Now status is when the clock should start not when the order is placed and pending starts.


I’m actually shocked that Amazon ever allowed sellers to ship 30 days late.


“Amazon will automatically cancel any order which is not shipped and confirmed within 7 business days after the “ship by” date detailed in the “Sold, ship now” notification email.”

@Amazon_News @Ricardo_Amazon

Can you please clarify this policy? Specifically the “shipped and confirmed within 7 business days” line. Sometimes we ship out packages and we have noticed that occasionally they aren’t scanned despite being given to the shipping carrier. When this happens, sometimes the packages are lost, eventually scanned & delivered and we very rarely we have even had customers claim they received their product despite the tracking never showing a scan. Sometimes the packages aren’t scanned until 7+ days after we give it to the shipping carrier.

Does this policy mean that if the package isn’t scanned by the shipping carrier, that it will automatically be cancelled despite us shipping it and giving it to the carrier? Or does confirmed just mean that a shipping label is purchased?

Thank you,


@Triple_R_Truck_Parts Pending order keep their original order date, but the ship by date changes to as if it was placed just that minute.

Since you are shipping some items LTL, are you using the Template for large and heavy items


Such sellers might have a 30 day handling time, but that wouldn’t excuse shipping 30 days late.


Does Amazon these days define “business days” as Monday through Friday and not including holidays? And if a seller elects to include Saturday and/or Sunday in their operating days (under their own General Shipping Settings), are those days counted as business days as well, for that particular seller?


as much i wish what the rule was before and what the change is -
I can not understand

i always ship same or next business day in rare cases 2nd day. which is line with amazon.

so what is the policy change? if seller do not ship within 30 days ? confusing


Reasonable - maybe this will be a start of Amazon actually doing the right thing.


That doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone named @vespa :rofl::rofl::rofl: