Important notification regarding impacts of the Novel Coronavirus


We are aware that the Novel Coronavirus and related actions are impacting millions of individuals around the world.

If your business operations may be impacted, we recommend taking precautions to protect your Amazon seller account health. These precautions may include canceling previously placed orders that you are no longer able to fulfill, placing your account in vacation status, or taking additional steps to manage your inventory. You can learn more on relevant Help pages in Seller Central:

If your performance metrics have been impacted by this event, please include a brief description of how your business was impacted when you respond to the relevant performance notification in Seller Central. We will consider this unforeseen event when we evaluate your account’s recent performance.

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What about the flu? Can we site the flu if it takes down our whole team and we can’t fulfill orders?


Historically, Amazon barely moves the needle on snow storms, hurricanes, power outages, etc. I would not count on much forgiveness for impacted metrics.

Sellers are running a business and should have backup plans which may include putting the account in vacation mode.


Amazon wants more information about sellers impacted by the coronavirus, and not a normal flu virus. Some of the victims may not know the difference. :thermometer: Self reporting to various authorities including Amazon seems like a good guess on how this virus will be controlled.


This is very in-time remindings and considerate actions for sellers who import from China.
There will be probablly late shipment by China manufacturers due to insufficient production capacity.


I thought metrics only applied to US based companies? /s :joy:


Just read scientists have now projected that the virus can live on surfaces up to nine days, double that of a run of the mill virus. If the conditions are right, low temperature and humidity, it can be a lot longer. If the situation gets more serious with the disease spreading more, they’re having trouble containing it, there could possibly be more embargoes of things coming out of China, not just quarantined people slowing down business.


@Bel_Essence_Naturals I did not find that on a quick Google. Where are you seeing it?


I would also like to see where you read that. This article is from 5 days ago and contradicts what you are claiming.

npr: No, You Won’t Catch The New Coronavirus Via Packages Or Mail From China

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The estimation was based on studies of other known coronaviruses and the activity of this virus. They haven’t fully tested this specific virus, it’s “new,” the purpose of the study seems to be primarily for hospitals so they could develop a protocol to prevent spreading the disease within facilities. Keep in mind (offspring of a Ph.D. in microbiology here) that conditions on surfaces have to support the survival of the virus for any length of time. So, no one has or can make a blanket statement about picking up the virus from a surface such as a shipment, nor can it be fully ruled out however small the possibility. It is something to keep in mind - if this situation continues, and grows as it has been, it might only take one instance of someone contracting the disease from a surface to put other restrictions in place.

I didn’t mean this as a scare tactic, just something to keep in mind. Even if the chances of contracting the disease from a package coming from China are possibly very slim, being careful is always the best protection. And it is a situation to watch, especially those who count on deliveries from China for their business, not just in terms of packages carrying disease, but also continued quarantines in China. It’s certainly not hair on fire, but information is the best means for prevention. Just keep it in mind.

journalofhospitalinfection: Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and its inactivation with biocidal agents

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I learned something novel (new).

There was a Coronavirus, The Wuhan version is new–hence Novel Coronavirus.

Thank you @Amazon_News


Amazon_News, I had a notification yesterday, stating that one of my dust mask the SAS 8610 respirator was being taken off a listing on account of the coronavirus. They said it was a notification of a restricted product removal. I haven’t sold these masks in quite some time as its been inactive for a bit. I suspect the listing was altered by someone which added the words coronavirus in there. Notwithstanding, I have since complied and removed the listing immediately following the notification, and within 48 hours of receiving the notification. I would not intentionally list any product that was deemed otherwise restricted by Amazon. I’m very prudent about keeping in line with policies and hope this will not ding my metrics or violate any standards Amazon has put in place. That is how I’ve been affected personally regarding the impact of the Novel Coronavirus.


I import a few items from China and have talked to both my suppliers ( neither have gotten sick ).

One told me he was advised to stay home until the 17th and the other was told the 23rd.

So it doesn’t sound like much will be shipping out of China anytime soon ( at least for me ).

I hope they get the virus under control soon.


My son is the offspring of a PhD in Chemistry, but that doesn’t make him qualified to make definitive statements on the subject. You have to study it, it’s not in the genetic code you came from.


Why don’t they just butt out. Let the business owners worry about their accounts

just sayin’


Someone was asking about flu earlier. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20k people will die of flu this season, compared to just over 700 (1 in the USA) who have died from the nCoronavirus. Our level of panic seems in need of a bit of adjusting.


We engrave cutting boards that we buy from the USA but THEY get them from China. I wander if I should look elsewhere? I dont want my customers to worry.


In these difficult times where people seen dying like dogs in the streets, please safeguard your seller account health. So offensive.



Even better, the new NV version…