Important Holiday 2022 Deadlines



Hi Selling Partners!

With summer still being in full swing, the upcoming holiday season might not be top of mind for everyone. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a couple important deadlines that are quickly approaching.

Dates to know:
September 2, 2022: Holiday 2022 Promotion submissions close in Seller Central
November 2, 2022: Inventory cut-off date for FBA sellers

Head to Seller Central to submit your deals before the deadline!

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Hi! Could you please clarify the meaning of “inventory cut-off date for FBA sellers”?


This means — Inventory cut-off for FBA sellers

My guess would be that this means received and up on the shelves. I’d ship next week to be sure of it :rofl:


Seconded, in both regards.


That is not really a cut-off. You can continue to ship inventory well after that time, but due to receiving times, congestion, and other considerations, anything received at the warehouses after that date might not be received in time for orders that would be delivered before Christmas.

However, that is never an assurance. Some warehouses go overwhelmed and end up diverting shipments to other warehouses or to depots to wait for later delivery appointments.

Suffice it to mean that anything that arrives after the end of October will face some delays along the way.

What is not mentioned is that LTL shipments will have even greater impacts. SPD often will be received faster than LTL and have less issues, but that will never be guaranteed, either.

I will always continue to restock where necessary continuously knowing that some items will not be sold before Christmas, but will continue to be available for sales after Christmas. January is when customers spend gift cards or money/checks received as their gifts, so ramping up for Christmas day is not the point.

Additionally, you will want to manage your inventory to be at the correct level for after the Christmas season. That might include some after Christmas clearance or additional restock.

The “in time for Christmas” is really “ready for purchase” before the 2nd week of December so that orders (especially Standard Shipping) can arrive before Christmas. After that time, only premium (additional cost) shipments will have much of a chance and last minute shoppers will need to be more to get their orders delivered before Christmas. All you can do is get your stuff in as early as possible to be ahead of the rush. The penalty for that is higher storage costs while they are at the warehouse.


Thank you for the excellent advice. Still, I think since @Haydon_Amazon made the announcement, it is his responsibility to provide as much detail that Amazon is able to at this point, so interpretation is not left up to sellers.


We’ve been here, many of us, for 10+ years (17 in my case) and know what Amazon means. It’s the same basically every year.

ETA- Actually Amazon’s help this year has different dates.

Make sure that your inventory arrives at US fulfillment centers by these dates:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday : November 15
  • Christmas : December 2


@Haydon_Amazon, actually what exactly DO you mean by this?

That date doesn’t stick out as a cut-off to me.


I think another deadline that should be published, to be totally transparent is the day that storage fees jump sky high. More of a window than a deadline.

It would be important for all the new sellers dreaming and expecting to make oodles of money off of Amazon customers to know both sides of the story.


You may wish to use more words in your post. Sept 22, I am going to guess it is the cutoff for the fall Prime Day. No idea what you mean for the Nov 2 date. Guess, you mean for Black Friday. Is this all about advertising?? I assume so since you mention “submit your deals”


Dear Amazon

We celebrate Christmas season.

This year is going to be a nightmare as sales do not pickup until November 25th and there is no way to even remotely guess what might start selling until into December.


As was stated, Amazon has been doing this for a very long time, so the message is unchanged. What I mentioned is what Amazon will not mention and it is not my interpretation, it is my experience. Odds are Haydon may not even be aware of those as only a seller who has used FBA in Q4 will have experienced it.

I suggest that you won’t get that from Haydon.


Hi… please clarify exactly what this means.


That date for FBA aellers is too late based on what I have read in past forums as the inventory will not be processed in time for most XMAS sales. I am FBM and our XMAS sales start the day after Halloween!


We started sending FBA for “Ber” Months since late July, just in case. :wink:

Plus, the New Workflow is a pain to work with and we are not sure if we have enough time to figure out to resolve the issue after the old workflow is gone.


I shipped twelve items last year on November 8th. They did not show up as available until March 15th. All items sold out in a matter of minutes. The cutoff date seems pretty solid. Other items that were sent after November were available in January and February. If you want items available for the holidays they better be received by November 2nd.




First 1/2 of my Christmas inventory is on the way. Learned my lesson last year. Sent in Oct and didn’t get checked in until the week of Christmas.


Hey! Will someone please tell me what exactly this means?

Thank you in Advance.