Important changes planned for restock limits, IPI threshold


As we near the end of 2021, we’d like to thank you for all of the hard work you’ve done to make this year a success and share some positive updates about FBA restock and storage limits.

In the midst of a global pandemic, supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and inflation, you have persevered. Thank you for your determination through these tough times and your commitment to your customers, employees, and local communities.

Sellers like you—most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses—accounted for over half of the sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. To further enable your success, we’ve been working to increase our hiring and expand our fulfillment network. These investments allowed for an overall increase in the amount of product you could send in during the holiday season.

In recent weeks, we’ve been able to further increase the restock limits for many sellers and intend to do the same for many more sellers early next year. We’re also excited to share that effective January 1, 2022, we’ll reduce the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold for FBA storage limits to 400. With this IPI change, less than 10% of sellers will have storage volume limits.

As we continue to launch new solutions to help your business, we’re excited for you to try some new and improved tools that can help you add new selection to FBA or maintain sufficient inventory levels:

  • For help on accelerating new product sales, see the FBA New Selection program‘s expanded benefits on storage and advertising costs.
  • To maximize selection that is eligible for 1-day delivery, see your Restock Inventory recommendations.
  • For personalized recommendations on how to recover value from your aging and excess inventory, go to Manage Inventory Health.

We are optimistic about what 2022 will bring and look forward to everything we’ll accomplish together. From all of us at Amazon, we hope you and your families have a happy and healthy holiday season filled with moments to relax and recharge. We look forward to an even more successful year in 2022.


This is really good news because we got squeezed (like everyone else) during the holiday rush! We had a hard time keeping things in stock with proper inventory and we have an IPI of over 700!


i was hoping to see a shift in policy on the weekly changes for restock limits. looks like this will painfully continue


So our limits increased dramatically - right at the end of the Christmas shopping season (when we don’t need it anymore). Thanks Amazon - your timing is just perfect.


i was hoping to see a shift in policy on the weekly changes for restock limits. looks like this will painfully continue

Same here - the completely unpredicable change of restock limits really needs to change. We sent a lot of holiday inventory in much earlier than normally would be needed because we had no idea if our limits would drop, which they often did. They really should guarantee your limits for at least two weeks (maybe more) once they change.


What cave are these people in?

or is the “holiday season” that is being referenced St. Patricks Day?


Great. Amazon continues to lower the bar.
While at it, change the requirement of a piped utility bill and a credit card. Make it even easier for new sellers to onboard more garbage. At this point, eliminate all standards.


My inventory limit has gone up 50% in the last 10 days.


Sounds like they know the messed up and holiday sales suffered from lack of inventory from sellers.


same… they’re beyond delusional

this “news” is nothing to be excited about, increasing my limits for a seasonal product on Dec 20th does nothing.

they need to change the policy altogether and has others noted, stop changing the limits on a whim with no time to plan


Right…increased the restock limits when its too late to take advantage of them for christmas. I’ve already switched a lot of my business to MF’ing orders because of the restock limits.


Next on the list

Fix what you have done with the Buy Box.

We are a $1M toy seller and get zero sales against numerous other toy sellers. They can also keep the Buy Box at a higher price.

You have done enormous amounts of damage to our businesses over the last 2 years.

A large part of it is not your fault.


Is this just for Q1 or permanently? And how long is permanently?


I’m totally frustrated with the IPI, it seems separated from reality.
Our 4 scores have all increased over the past 3 weeks, yet each time we see a new score it goes down.
What do we have to do to raise it?
And does it affect anything else other than storage and restock limits?


As I remember it works on a 90 day cycle - Lets say 14 weeks.

So if your last 3 scores increased and had no or negative effects (Weeks 12,13,14), it would mean that the weeks of -3, -2 and -1 which dropped off your latest 14 weeks had higher scores.

Curious if you have that data to validate


I didn’t know it was a 90 day thing, I thought it was based on the data at the time the score is calculated for that week.
It seems like the scores at this moment would be higher - the holidays have increased sell-through and reduced “excess units” - but who knows.

So does this affect anything other than the storage limits?
The reason that I ask is that our score has been dropping over the past 15 months, and starting about then, our buy box rate has plummeted. We used to do solid sales, but no longer, even with the same (brand restricted) items. Then again, it could well be that the decreased sales led to the lower IPI score, rather than the other way around.


Does the IPI related volume storage limit really matter anymore? I have “unlimited”, but if I used up my entire ASIN allocation, I would still be only a fraction of the space I was allowed when my IPI was too low for unlimited storage.


I would suspect that any illusion of “permanent” is based solely on how much space there is in the warehouse.
Now that they’ve likely flushed out most of the sellers sending full containers of iPhone cases, perhaps the numbers will get better; but I doubt that the underlying factors will go away anytime soon.


my restock limit is much more urgent to be increased than the storage volume is.