Identify new product ideas using Product Opportunity Explorer


On June 30, we launched Product Opportunity Explorer, a new tool that helps you identify opportunities to launch new high-potential products or offers that serve unmet customer demand.

The Product Opportunity Explorer provides detailed insights into Amazon customer search and buying behavior. This includes what customers are searching for, clicking on, and buying. The sales history and pricing trends can also be tracked.

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here is a better idea

Run your own business and stop thinking you are qualified to run ours.

You cannot get product checked in accurately not timely.

Your new shipment creating program is HORRIBLE and everyone hates it.

You allocate resources towards the wrong things.






Sooo true lol


If we don’t already have an agreement with a brand to sell these items (unlikely), aren’t you just encouraging arbitrage here? We sell what we can get our hands on without violating the TOS, whereas it seems you want us to sell stuff regardless.

My guess is that these are products where the manufacturer is smart enough not to let Amazon get anywhere near their brands (see e.g. the Apple and Nike and Allbirds and that camera bag etc. etc. etc. examples), and Amazon wants some 3PS to violate their reseller agreement and backdoor the products onto the site, where Amazon can then get access to invoices (for cost data), country of origin, purchase data, etc. to ultimately create a crappy Amazon Basics knockoff (or create a shortcut direct to the original overseas production facility) with a minimum of trial-and-error.


How do you get access?


Are there any plans to include the Toys category? Because this category is not currently available in the Product Opportunity Explorer.