I need to find an OUT OF STOCK ASIN


I have several shoe sizes of the same style shoe. I can easily list the sizes that are in stock but I can’t find the ASIN to the out of stock size 9.5
I have tried looking up the variations but it skips over the out of stock items.


Did you try searching with the UPC through the add product page?


Try this. Enter the ASIN of the size you do have. You can then find the ASIN for the size you want from the list or create one.


Yes it does not come up with anything


OK, I tried and it did not show the sizes that are out of stock, so i added the size variation and i HIT SAVE. but it did not say anything else. I will give it 15 min to see if it shows up when i scan the UPC
Thanks to your help!!!


Its amazing AMAZON does not provide sellers a tool to do this easily? We are leaving so much product on the table because we can’t find the OUT OF STOCK ASIN !!!


Can we verify that you are SURE it already exists on Amazon?
is this something you have sold in the past and is in your inventory or is it a new item for you?


Please see HDMS’ post above. It is very, very easy to check any UPC, EAN, or ISBN to see if it has an ASIN. You do NOT need to just search Amazon like a buyer.

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