How to get food category ungated


Dear community,
We would love your help! We are a new seller on Amazon, selling a food product we manufacture, under a brand name we own, that we have listed in the Amazon registry, with products that have never before been sold on Amazon. We cannot figure out how to get our products listed in the gourmet food category in the snack bars sub-category.

  • If we go through the normal listing process, the submit button is blocked with a red circle with a line through it.
  • We never can get to a “selling application” because the products have never before been sold on Amazon and we never get a button to fill out one.
  • We have had numerous email chains with Seller Central Help, and they always give us irrelevant answers that have nothing to do with getting the category un-gated.
    Do you have recommendations for how we can get around this hurdle? We’ve spent hours on it and are stuck. Thank you so, so, much!


There are many posts on the forum that make it seem that Amazon is not accepting new sellers to the Grocery category.

Some have suggested attempting to list an existing (not a huge brand) product.


Hi JWS, Thanks for the insights. I hope that is not the case. We keep getting emails from them and I would hope if they aren’t accepting new items they would just say that. Instead they keep giving us the runaround.

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